AS We Wait

As we wait is the present scenario of Charles Ajoloko case. The State requested three extensions or should I say 3 delays. They were granted. In fact, the State got a 2 month extension without even am order. On 9/18/2018, on the State’s second extension request, they were given 60 days to respond. This means … More AS We Wait

Charles Ajoloko Awaits Post-Conviction Relief &Waits & Waits…..

On May 25, 2017, a Motion for Post-Conviction was filed by an attorney who did the Motion pro se.. We are still awaiting the judges response to the Motion. We know that the wheels of justice turns slowly. We just do not want the wheels to come to a complete halt. The following are two … More Charles Ajoloko Awaits Post-Conviction Relief &Waits & Waits…..


Charles Ajoloko is a victim of the Florida Criminal Judicial System. The prosecutors decided that they did not have to follow the law in its entirety. In their quest to convict  my son; they overlooked the fact that their job is not only to prosecute but also to guard the defendant’s rights against insufficient police reports and investigation. … More “PROSECUTOR’S RUN OUR SYSTEM”

Imagine a mom having to give the attorney the phone numbers and addressess of the victims

    Imagine 2 attorneys, one year apart falling for the same prosecutors bluff. Imagine both attorneys not calling the victims. The first attorney said that she did not call the 2nd victim. She had never talked to him. The second attorney did not contact neither the first victim nor the second. He said that … More Imagine a mom having to give the attorney the phone numbers and addressess of the victims

Dear Followers

Dear Followers, although I have 42 posts thus far, I am still in the learning stage of social media. I have made a few errors at which time I would like to correct. For a few days, my latest blog was not my front page. I did some experimenting with sticky and screwed everything up. … More Dear Followers