Behind Bars – A New Education

Charles Ajoloko graduated A/B Honor Roll from Holy Spirit Catholic School. He was Prom King. He also performed(rapped) at his prom. He always had a love for music but preferred to be behind the scene. He dream was to get a Recording Arts Degree. He is 3 classes shy of a Bachelor’s Degree in Recording Arts. Charles accomplished all of this, although he has a bipolar disorder. Charles Ajoloko now sits in prison. Charles has 10 years remaining of his 12 year sentence. He did not have a prior criminal history. Mandatory minimum sentences dictated that he had to receive minimum of 10 years. He was 22 when he went to prison. He was unjustly convicted. He wasn’t given a fair trial. He is innocent of all charges. What kind of rehabilitation is available for Charles in prison?

The question is whether prison will do more harm than good.

“Idealists originally thought penitentiaries would make prisoners penitent, leading to religious conversions and rehabilitation. To accomplish this, they did the worst thing they could do: they isolated prisoners in a very bad environment. Sometimes prisoners had to keep silent, another form of solitary confinement. Cutting off prisoners from society made it difficult for inmates to keep their sanity or cope on the outside. Isolation from normal society made it that much easier to learn criminal ways inside the prison. Prisoners lost feelings of self-worth. While appropriate punishment promotes pro-social cooperation in normal human society, punishment that completely removes individuals from cooperative society also deprives normal society of any pro-social behavior brought about by that punishment”.(By John Dewar Gleissner)

3 thoughts on “Behind Bars – A New Education

  1. What a nightmare – to see all your son has worked so hard to accomplish ripped from. And Saddog, if he is able to get off the rest of society will likely continue to punish him because it seems that more than ever the emotional satisfaction that comes from hate is more enjoyable than the alternative Having a problem with bi polar will be hard on him. Jamie now has been in 11years now. He has had a problem with depression since childhood. It has taken a lot of compassion and encouragement to get him through this far, especially since he gets nothing from his family. He hasn’t had a chance to get an education, but I just sent him another GED book – his 4th one, one stolen by inmate, one taken by property mgr when he changed prisons (8 in 11years), one wasn’t delivered and sent back to Amazon. I’m waiting to see if the 4th arrived. I bought a book for me too so I can help him study. The prison system is trying to ruin their education.

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  2. I am so sorry for all that you, your son and family have had to endure. The entire justice system is broken. I would love the opportunity to speak to you. I sent you a friend request on FB and I too belong to Christian Mothers of Children Behind Bars. I don’t know if this blog is still active… hope to hear back from you. Praying for you all.


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