A Mother’s Nightmare

If this nightmare had not happened to my son, I would have never believed that such atrocities could happen in the good old U.S.A

My name is Pamela A. I am a 54 years old widow with four children. My oldest son, Charles graduated A/B honor roll from a Catholic School. He is 3 classes away from a Bachelor’s Degree. He has been a Boys Scout, member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, volunteer at the VA Medical Center and a mentor to young people. He is now incarcerated.

On May 13, 2011, Charles called the police because he was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint. He was robbed of his money, his cell phone, the keys to his car and 2 guns. The detective that was assigned to his case decided that he fit the description of 2 earlier attempted robberies.

The description was a dark African-American man between 5’7″ and 6′ tall. wearing glasses.

Do you know anyone that fits that description?

Then the horror show begins.

The police detective got a false confession from my son. They had met on several occasions and talked on their cell phones at least 14 times. Yet it was their last time together, that the detective had their conversation recorded.

However, even in my son’s so-called confession, he gave inaccurate details but that did not deter the detective from her tunnel vision.

Charles was manipulated into confessing the same way the victim was manipulated into identifying my son as the culprit even though she knew that she was unable to identify anyone.

Deliberate prosecutorial misconduct, police manipulation of evidence and egregious ineffective assistance by defense counsel prevented the jury from hearing much of the most important evidence in my son’s case.

The following are a few examples of what my son’s attorney  did not do at trial. There’s more but this will give you an idea.

  • He did not put the 911 call into discovery where the victim said that she could not identify the assailant because  his face was covered with a bandana and wore a hoodie
  • He did not put the original police report into discovery where the officer at the scene wrote a statement saying ” the victim said that she would be unable to identify the assailant. She said that she could only see the eyes.
  • He did not challenge the 2 photo lineups. He did not try to have the 2 photo lineups suppressed. The first lineup was done in the victim’s home and she was unable to identify the assailant. The 2nd lineup was done on a table in the lobby of the police station. Now the victim says  that she is 60% sure that it was my son. She said that the nose looked familiar. How can the nose look familiar if you only saw the eyes, unless it looked familiar from the 1st lineup?
  • He did not put a crime line into discovery showing that the caller said that the assailant had dreadlocks.
  • He did not put into discovery the detective’s statement that my son’s phone was not used during the time in the area of the robbery. It was in the incident report.
  • He did not question the fact that it was the same detective that handle the related cases. She was the detective when my son was robbed. She was the detective for the victim. She also interviewed the guys that robbed my son.
  • Quite the busy busy detective.
  • He did not challenge the picture of the guns taken from the cell phone of the guys that robbed my son. (Remember that my son was robbed and called the police and that is how this whole thing got started).
  • The police never had the gun in their possession.
  • A week before the trial he asked for a continuance. He was not prepared to go to trial.
  • He did not do an opening statement.
  • He did not object to any evidence being entered.
  • He did not object when the prosecutor engaged in inflammatory closing remarks.
  • He did not challenge the 2 photo lineups.
  • He did not challenge the victims change of identification. At trial, almost 3 years later, she is 100% sure that it was my son, even  though she initially said that that she could only see the eyes.

The jurors were confused and asked many questions during deliberation. There questions went to the heart of the case.

These are a few of the questions asked my the jurors:

  • Are a lot of guns black? Is a Glock an unusual kind of gun? Do different Glocks look different from each other? Are Glocks easily accessible? (The jurors had a Xerox copy of two guns taken from the cell phone of the eyes that robbed my son. These could have been any 2 guns. The police never had the gun in their possession.)
  • Are there phone records showing calls between detective and defendant? How many and how long?
  •  Is it a coincident that both cases ended up in the lap of the same detective?

The jurors were not given any answers to their questions.

My son’s attorney did not request a mistrial.

My son was found guilty.

He was unjustly convicted of attempted and aggravated assault with a firearm. He is sentenced to 12 years with a mandatory 10 years that he must do. . He has no prior criminal history.

What type of justice system allow such a travesty of judicial misconduct to take place?

Justice for My Son 2

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26 thoughts on “A Mother’s Nightmare

      1. Hello, I read your story about your son. (((hugs))). 💔 There was something you wrote about the prosecutor & defense attorney that is so true. I’m finding more stories in which the defense attorney assist in the prosecution of our loved ones. I think it’s about the money that is received for each body in prison. Prison life is quietly destroying my son Bryce. 💔 : … (


  1. I’m going through this right now with my son , accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend…. Never been in trouble with the law. She claims he Beat her over 36x , sat on the 30 week old fetus, while beating her. My son has absolutely no marks on his knuckles, or hands. She lied on the witness stand , recanting her police report, claiming she never told the officer the 1yr old woke. Officer when called to the stand said he just wrote what she said. The good old judge threw that felony out. But charged him with the one on the girlfriend, and a misdemeanor harassment. My son is currently doing the 60 days in jail, has 36 months probation plus anger management classes. He has to pay restitution to the state , because they allowed the girlfriend to move 3000 miles away and then had to fly her the 2kids and her mom back for trial. My son was offered a plea deal but did not take it, because he is innocent. By the afternoon of his sentencing my sons picture was on the internet, with this awful headline … Making my son look like a fool. Most of the article was untrue and the comments were vial .. I tried to stick up for my son , but the rage was then turned on me. My son is 21 … He had dreams , ambition , now that’s been taken away. We are trying to appeal but that’s a joke… How will that ever correct the damage this has done to my family.


  2. This is my story! My son is serving 10 mandatory years convicted of armed robbery. He was a first time offender no previous record at all. He was with 5 other guys who were never investigated. One of whom, (according to the victim) ask for his phone and wallet. We refused the deal and because of that, my son is serving a 10 year sentence, He had just turned 17 when the incident took place. He is incarcerated with a young man who had an armed robbery and murder drop down to manslaughter and robbery with 8 years confinement. I am fighting this injustice and I am asking for help in my quest. Please email me @ fighttoendunequaljustice@gmail.com


  3. I came back and read your story again. Quite a few people read my reblog. I know how hard this is going to be to get justice in a system that doesn’t care if you get justice. For them it is case closed. They will do everything to not look like they botched the investigation. He was guilty of being black. I sincerely hope I am wrong. Please keep writing and let us know how he’s doing. Give his address so people can write to him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sonniq. It is so difficult. You are right in your assessment.I will keep you posted. I have been busy with my daughter entering her 2nd year at the University of Alabama. I can now focus all of my efforts on my son, Charles.

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      1. Someday we’ll look back on our lives and wonder how we managed to not self combust. You have it rough. But still I don’t think there ever comes a time where we feel we’re in the free and clear when it comes to our kids.

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  4. I saw your blog posted and decided to read. My fiancé whom I’m remarrying is currently incarcerated. We are trying to see what direction to go as far as reducing his sentence (he has 4 yrs left). With his case it was basically the “victims” word against him. It didn’t help that he has a criminal history. This time around he’s working on issues that he does have but he has This false label hanging over his head.

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    1. I feel your plight. You are a good woman to wait or him. Getting his sentence reduced will depend on how long he has been in prison. I think it is called sentence commutation. I wish you much success.


  5. Your son voluntarily confessed to the crimes and brought in the bandana he used to rob the woman and her dog!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am very appreciative. I like when people honestly express their feelings. It gives me a chance to ponder and think through their deductions. Thank you for that.

      Here is my position.My son, like the victim was manipulated by the same detective. Even his “confession” was inaccurate. He said it was 2 girls in the car. I think that even a blind person can tell the difference between a girl and a dog.

      However, lets talk about the victim. She voluntarily lied when she said that she could identify the assailant.Her 911 tape said that she could not identify the assailant. In the original police report she said that the face was covered and that she could only see the eyes. She also said that the assailant was 5’11 tall. My son is 5’8″.

      She was given 2 photo lineups. She did 2 written statements. By trial, the jurors are given the impression that the assailant wore a mask that only covered his chin. At trial, 2 and a half years late, the victim said that his nose, cheeks and forehead were familiar. She then said that he looked older and heavier and “his skin was not soft like a baby”

      Please tell me what does that mean.

      I am not upset with the victim. Charles is not even upset with the victim. She was manipulated like my son. The jurors were manipulated. They didn’t even get to hear the 911 tape or see the original police report.

      The victim committed perjury. Is this unimportant? Why then is it hard to phantom that both were manipulated into saying something that was not true?

      What everyone should be asking themselves, it this the kind of justice system we want in our country?

      Lastly, I noticed that you are commenting on my pinned post ‘A Mother’s Nightmare’ As you mentioned a dog(which is not in this pinned post), I am wondering if you are the detective or the attorney that worked my son’s case. If you are, I am glad that you are taking the time to read what I have written. It means more than you realize. Thank you

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    2. That psychotic nuthead who claimed that your son “voluntary confessed” and “brought a bandana in that he used in the crime” is really “off the wall and insane.” Wow–I’m really sorry that there are still people in this world who are so idiotic and psychotic that they don’t understand how and why innocent people get locked up. He is probably the one who committed the crime, which is why he was–and is–too much of a coward to sign his name. What a buffoon.


    3. The victims committed perjury when she claimed she could identify my son. How can you identify someone wearing s bandana? Also, in her 911 call, she flatly said that she could not identify the suspect. She was manipulated to lie, the same way my son was manipulated to confess. In the end, everyone will be judged. Of that I am confident.


      1. Hi, Mrs. Ajoloko: I am starting to believe there was bribery in this case. It happens more often than people think, and/or than the public wants to admit. In other words, my understanding is that the prosecutor bribed the trial Judge $3K to ensure the outcome was unfavorable to your son. I have seen many times the Defense Attorney just “lie down and go along with prosecutors” because they don’t want to “make waves.” I don’t understand it, either. However, I am going to turn this over to the FBI. Please hang in there. Love, hugs, and blessings, SC


  6. I feel your pain. My 24 yo son was convicted of second degree attempted murder and aggravated assault. He was sentenced to 30 yrs Florida State Prison. I spent over $40,000 in attorney fees. My attorney argued self defense. My son was falsely imprisoned, robbed, and assaulted on camera in a gas station, by the store employees friend. Apparently, the friend said my son owed him money that is why he did what he did to my son in the store. Although he took money from my son and let him go, he still was aggressive while don was backing up in the car trying to leave. The guy was reaching in the car at my son, causing him to hit a parked car. When my son, pulled around to check the car for damages, one of the guys who locked my son in the store was coming towards the car with his arm extended. My son went to the car to get his phone and noticed, I left my gun in the car….fired 3 warning shots. No one was injured. Imagine seeing all that happen to your child on video and nothing was done, yet your child is the one in prison. The prosecutor was over zealous, lied to the jury. The trial was a mess! I am heartbroken and my life will never be the same until I get my son back! Let’s fight for justice for our children! I am going to post the video, so the world can see what these people did to my son and he ended up in prison!


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