The State was granted a 60 day motion for extension.

Why is additional time needed.?Image result for no more lame excuses

What about the person that is awaiting a decision?

Requesting an extension of tine is inhumane.

What is going to be more inhumane is when the state requests a Second Motion for Extension of Time!!!!!!

The State lists their reasons below:

COMES NOW the State of Florida, by and through the undersigned Assistant State
Attorney, and states as follows: 

  1. A high volume of orders for the State to respond have been received by the State within the last several months.

  2. The State has been diligent in responding to the continuing backlog.

  3. In addition to the high volume of responses due, we also attend evidentiary hearingsscheduled in both Orange and Osceola counties that take time away that would otherwise be spent working on the ordered responses.

  4. Therefore, the State requests an extension of 60 days to respond.


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