How Long????

How Long do we have to wait for a reply to a post conviction relief motion.

It will be a year, May 25, 2018.

The following are some of the mistakes and failures of trial counsel that can constitute ineffective assistance and post conviction relief:

  • Failure to file appropriate pretrial motions;
  • Failure to investigate evidence or witnesses that might be exculpatory;
  • Failure to preserve the right to appeal;
  • Failure to attempt to exclude prejudicial evidence;
  • Failure to file a motion for new trial, particularly where the prosecution’s case was weak and there was a reasonable probability that the motion would be granted;

How Long before an evidentiary hearing is scheduled? How Long?

We just want a chance to be heard.Image result for How Long do we have to wait for an evidentiary hearing

Is that asking too much?

How Long Do We Have to Wait?

How Long?????


HOW LONG???????????????????????


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