Charles Ajoloko Post Confliction Filed

May 26, 2017 was the deadline to post Charles Ajoloko’s 3850. We are very grateful to the attorney that posted the 3850 Pro Bono.

We are praying for Favorable Results.

The Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure provide a way for a person convicted of a crime to attempt to vacate the conviction through a Rule 3.850 Motion.
A 3850 Challenges a conviction or sentence that violates the Constitution or laws of Florida or the United States
We are challenging Charles Ajolokos’ Conviction and Sentence.

2 thoughts on “Charles Ajoloko Post Confliction Filed

  1. So happy for you! 🙂 May the blessings keep coming from Jehovah God, in the name of Jesus the Messiah, Amen! Righteousness will always prevail, even if it takes longer than we want it to sometimes. ❤ ❤ Love and hugs, Suzanne Carey


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