Help Has Arrived for Charles Ajoloko

Charlesa 12-26-16A Florida Attorney has agreed to take on Charles Ajoloko’s Post-Conviction. The Ajoloko family are very happy at this turn of events.

While the fees of the attorney are being covered, Charles will still need to furnish, if needed, any additional expenses, such as hiring an investigator.

Two years ago, I, Pamela Ajoloko, filed a  Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court takes $400 a WEEK from my paycheck. This leaves very little left over to take care of my household. Therefore, I have had to take on several additional jobs to make ends meet.

I have no regrets.

This is my child who was wrongly convicted and was given an unjust trial.

If it means that I and my family have to live from hand to mouth, then hand to mouth it is.

My family agrees that all must be done to ensure that justice is served.

Unfortunately, although I am still employed, I have had to take a little leave due to medical problems.

I hope to be back to the old mill very soon.

While the fees of the attorney are covered, Charles will still need to furnish additional expenses, such as hiring an investigator, traveling expenses, etc.

A Fundraising page will be set up for those interested in investing  in Charles legal expenses via Generosity by Indiegogo

Please feel free to write Charles or myself. All letters will be answered

Justice For My Son 2

PO Box 353

Cottondale, Alabama 35453

My prayer is to see this thing through and find justice for my son, Charles Ajoloko.

We are all praying for favorable results.

There is a feeling of hope in the air.


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10 thoughts on “Help Has Arrived for Charles Ajoloko

  1. I meant to also write that I will send you some money as soon as I can. 🙂 I extended my budget this month, due to unexpected expenses, and I need to get my truck fixed in order to get to work. 😦 But hopefully next month, I can inculcate your family into my budget to be able to help. ❤ ❤ I sure hope others do, too, if they can afford to. Hugs and prayers, SC

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  2. My heart goes out to you my son Reginald Spencer was just wrongly convicted 3/23/2017. He also had an unjust trial that lasted all of 3 days with an all white jury that took maybe a half hour to find him guilty so I feel your pain. I’m praying for you and your family that justice prevails.. Know that we serve a just God and it’s not over until he says it’s done.

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    1. Oh wow–my heart bleeds for both of you. 😦 Some of those Judges just don’t CARE, and some of those people who sit on the Juries are idiotic, moronic, and psychotic. :-O I hate to write it, but it is TRUE. 😦 I see it on Court and Crime TV all the TIME. They admit to convicting alleged Defendants of crimes such as murder that they didn’t commit, only because they admit that they “didn’t know anybody else who would have committed the crime,” and/or that the “real murderer was threatening to kill them.” Oh dear Jehovah God–please just help us all until your Righteous War of Armageddon kills those utter morons for their stupidity, if nothing else. Through Your Only-Begotten Son, Christ Jesus. Amen.

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      1. Okay, great. 🙂 I need to be more positive anyway, because the truth is that the majority of the Judges are honorable. And that our cases in which we have been treated egregiously really are the minorities, thankfully. But we hear about these injustices WAY more often than those who receive justice. 😦 But since your case has received so much publicity, he will receive justice in the near future. 🙂 It’s still sad what he has been through. 😦 But yes, I agree that prayer helps in these situations. ❤ ❤ Hugs and blessings, SC

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