It Been Such a LongTime – Since I Last Posted- Update on Charles Ajoloko

It’s Been Such A Long Time Since I Last Posted about My Son’s Case. I know that an update is long overdue.

Life has a way of throwing us “Curve Balls” when they are least expected.

Personal and work related issues has spiral me into stress anxiety and depression.

These issues coupled with fighting for justice for my son has led to emotional problems, depression, panic attacks, and other forms of anxiety and worry.

Below is an update on my son’s case. Everything is with the Appellate Court and we are awaiting their decision.

I am asking that everyone pray for just, favorable results.



Date Docketed
Date Due
Filed By
03/17/2016 Petition Filed Pro Se – Appellant
03/17/2016 Acknowledgement Letter 1
03/18/2016 ORD-Respondent to Respond
04/07/2016 Motion for Extension of Time to File Response Attorney General – Appellee
04/07/2016 Order Grant EOT to file Response to Ct. Order 05/09/2016
05/09/2016 RESPONSE Attorney General – Appellee
05/09/2016 Appendix to Response Attorney General – Appellee
05/23/2016 Motion Extension of Time To Reply To Response Pro Se – Appellant
05/23/2016 Order Grant EOT to Reply to Response 06/22/2016
05/26/2016 REPLY Pro Se – Appellant



Justice for My Son 2                                                 Facebook

PO Box 70111                                                              Email –

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407                                  Instagram – Pamela Ajoloko

Twitter –                           Instagram – Pamela Ajoloko

Facebook – Wrongly Convicted Group –  Charles Ajoloko Is Innocent. Please like page.

All Letters, Cards & Donations Accepted at PO Box above. Thank you all.






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