An Anonymous Comment or Is It Someone Connected to the Case?

I felt the need to post this comment. It is my humble opinion that anonymous is either the detective or the attorney. Her one sentence comment brought up the dog which was not in the pinned post that she commented on. Also, she said that Charles “brought” in the “bandana”. Also, not in pinned post; although the bandana is mentioned in other posts. She then ends in a exclamation mark., making it personal.

Anonymous says:

Your son voluntarily confessed to the crimes and brought in the bandana he used to rob the woman and her dog!


  1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am very appreciative. I like when people honestly express their feelings. It gives me a chance to ponder and think through their deductions. Thank you for that.

    Here is my position. My son, like the victim was manipulated by the same detective. Even his “confession” was inaccurate. He said it was 2 girls in the car. I think that even a blind person can tell the difference between a girl and a dog.

    However, lets talk about the victim. She voluntarily lied when she said that she could identify the assailant. Her 911 tape said that she could not identify the assailant. In the original police report she said that the face was covered and that she could only see the eyes. She also said that the assailant was 5’11 tall. My son is 5’8″.

    She was given 2 photo lineups. She did 2 written statements. By trial, the jurors are given the impression that the assailant wore a mask that only covered his chin. At trial, 2 and a half years late, the victim said that his nose, cheeks and forehead were familiar. She then said that he looked older and heavier and “his skin was not soft like a baby”

    Please tell me what does that mean.

    I am not upset with the victim. Charles is not even upset with the victim. She was manipulated like my son. The jurors were manipulated. They didn’t even get to hear the 911 tape or see the original police report.

    The victim committed perjury. Is this unimportant? Why then is it hard to phantom that both were manipulated into saying something that was not true?

    What everyone should be asking themselves, it this the kind of justice system we want in our country?

    Lastly, I noticed that you are commenting on my pinned post ‘A Mother’s Nightmare’ As you mentioned a dog(which is not in this pinned post), I am wondering if you are the detective or the attorney that worked my son’s case. If you are, I am glad that you are taking the time to read what I have written. It means more than you realize. Thank you

2 thoughts on “An Anonymous Comment or Is It Someone Connected to the Case?

  1. It can be extremely frustrating when you, ” Believe that no one “inside” the system could be trusted “ This feeling of abandonment from a system(any system) we thought was fair, is disheartening to say the least.

    It is an American’s citizen belief that agencies in authority will act with professionalism and serve our system of justice honorably.

    Unfortunately, that is often far from what is truly happening.


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