One Shot at the Habeas Corpus(9.141)

Charles Habeas Corpus has not been submitted. It is completed; however, Charles is hesitant in turning it in. He wants to make sure that it is procedurally correct.

He goes to his prison law library as much as he can.

He talks with the detainees that are suppose to have a little knowledge of the law.

I know that Charles is frightened.

I know that he doesn’t want to get his hopes up

I do not know how to comfort him.

He sends his thoughts to me. He has me make corrections . I type it up and send it back to him.

He is forced to do the Habeas Corpus himself,as we cannot afford another attorney.

I tried doing a gogetfunding campaign. I just do not have enough time to promote it the way I should and I really do not know what I am doing.

I told my son not to worry. I feel that we have an excellent petition with valid legal points. Had the neglected claims we are raising been raised on direct appeal, there is a reasonable probability that the appeal would have been successful.

Appellate failure to raise several  claims constitute deficient performance because the issues were clearly meritorious and no viable strategic reason existed to omit the claims.

I know that he Appellate Court will correct the manifest injustices rendered from the ineffectiveness of appellate counsel.

Manifest injustice means something which is ‘obviously unfair’ or ‘shocking to the conscience.’ It refers to an unfairness that is direct, obvious, and observable.

Would a reasonable person come to the same conclusion as a trial or appellate court if it had all of the facts?


The injustices in son’s case fit a manifest injustice.

We have to believe that justice will prevail.

We have to trust the Appellate Court.

We have no choice..


Justice for My Son 2

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407


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