Stop Stop Wrongful Convictions In Its Early Stages

When is it okay for a prosecutor to encourage a victim to lie on the witness stand?

When is it okay for a prosecutor to withhold information that is beneficial to the defense?

When is it okay for an attorney to collaborate with the prosecutor at the expense of his client?

When did the American Justice System become American Justice System for the rich?

Prosecutors and public defenders, even private attorney often want a defendant to take a plea, whether they are guilty or not.

It is the easy way out. It is convenient.

Unless you can afford to pay for adequate representation, a poor person doesn’t stand a chance.

The constitution of the U.S. guarantees its citizens a right to a fair trial. This means that processes will be fair and it prevents governments from abusing their powers. The right to a fair trial is one of the cornerstones of a just society.

America was supposed to be the leader of such a society, yet America incarcerates more people than any country in the world and a significant portion of those people are wrongly convicted and harshly sentenced.

As Americans, we like to believe the rule of law in our country is respected and fairly applied, and that only those who commit crimes of fraud or violence are punished and imprisoned. But the reality is often different.

Prosecutors have to much power. Judges and attorneys alike fear repercussion if the prosecutor does not get his or her way.

A prosecutor’s pride is unfathomable. He will win at all cost.

In fact, you have been tried and convicted before you even go to trial.

Somewhere along the way, prosecutors forgot that they are supposed to administer justice, not merely convict.

Many organizations are looking for detainees that have been in prison in excess of 15 or 20 years.

I love when I read about someone being exonerated after serving 20 years in prison.

I am very happy for them.

However, I think the time has come to start looking at wrongful convictions in the early years.

When a person has been in prison for 20 years, he has spent the formidable years of his life behind bars.

He has missed out on watching his family grow old with him. He has missed out on life.

Then, there is the prosecutor and/or the attorney that conducted this misconduct.

Do they really care if a person is exonerated after 20 years, after 30 years?

I do not think so.

They have lived their lives and accomplished their missions.

Now ask yourself if prosecutors and attorney would care if wrongful convictions are caught in the early stages?

I think so.

Remember, these individuals are ambitious and unscrupulous.

The attorneys are accused of ineffective assistance of counsel and the the prosecutors are accused of prosecutor misconduct

Being associated with wrongful convictions could hurt their political aspirations.

It could tarnish their careers.

This is why wrongful convictions need to be stopped in the early years.

Lets give them something to think about.

Lets start with my son. Let Charles be the beginning of a chain reaction to right a wrong in its early stages.

It is great when anyone get exonerated for being wrongly convicted. It is a happy day for them and their families.

I know that they are grateful to get out.

I want you to ask them this question.

I want you to ask them this question.

Would they choose to be exonerated after 2 years or 20 years?

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One thought on “Stop Stop Wrongful Convictions In Its Early Stages

  1. my son to has been wrongly accused of csc he’s been in the systom since dec 3rd , 2013 and we have all the proof who did do it, but the procutor would not let us use our proof, he slapped on the rape shield and the judge agreed with him and their went all our proof who did it, the girl lied a lot on the witness stand. she was asked by my sons lawyer if she knew any of my son’s friend and lied and said no she never met them before , well she flower in her dads and my wedding and so was a few of them friends of my sons so she knew them cause the one friends mother used to take care of the girls mothers horse, also this girls mother told her stuff in the court room while she was on the stand that the judge heard I heard, my son and his lawyer herad the procustor and my sons lawyer had to go into judges chammbers and when they came out judge said their is some loop holes in this case and never once did they send her mother out of the court room cause her mother was telling her across the floor to say it was penitraion and the girl was crying and shaking her head “NO” to her mother and saying to her no please don’t make me do this. That tells you right their her mother forced her to say something that wasn’t true and it never got thrown out of the court room. the one who truely did it is still running around free and never been caught for anything and the only reason why is the girls mother told her not to tell on him cause they do not tell on family the dude who did it to this girl is her cusin not my son, the cop never read my son his rights, never told him he was begin recorded, locked a door behind him n cop was not able to go to bathroom or get a drink of water , had him a at fire station for at least 4 hrs my son was in pain the cop didnot care n brided my son told him they would get him some consuling and also told my son to repeat word for word what the cop told him to put down on paper and if my son didnot write down what the cop told him to write down the cop was taking him to jail,So the cop told my son to write down some real awful things n was hitting the table n yelling at him the cop coericed him in to saying things that my son would never do or say if anybody is out their to help my son and help get the real person who should be in prison n not my son please please contact me by email


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