This  is  an  original  action  under  Florida  Rule  of  Appellate  Procedure 9.l00(a).   See Art. l, Sec. 13, Fla. Const.  This Court has original jurisdiction pursuant to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.030(a)(3) and Article V, Section 3(b)(9) of the   Florida   Constitution.   This petition presents constitutional issues which directly concern the judgment of this Court during the appellate process, the trial and sentencing and the legality of Mr. Ajoloko minimum mandatory sentence. This Court has jurisdiction, see, (need to cite case law) because the fundamental constitutional errors challenged herein arise in the context of a felonious case in which this Court heard and denied Mr. Ajoloko direct appeal.  See (Need to cite case law)

This Court has the inherent power to do justice.  The ends of justice call on the Court to grant the relief sought in this case, as the Court has done in similar cases in the past.  The petition pleads claims involving fundamental constitutional error.     See  (Need to cite law)  This Court’s exercise of its habeas corpus jurisdiction and of its authority to correct constitutional errors is warranted in this action.  As the petition shows, habeas corpus relief is proper on the basis of Mr. Ajoloko claims.

Grounds for Habeas Corpus Relief

            This Court had also held that harmless error analysis: requires an examination of the entire record by the appellate court including a close examination of the permissible evidence on which a jury could have legitimately relied, and in addition an even closer examination of the impermissible evidence which might have possibly influenced the verdict. (Need to cite case law). Once error is found, it is presumed harmful unless the state can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the error “did not contribute to the verdict or, alternatively stated, that there is no reasonable probability that the error contributed to the [verdict]”.(Need to cite case law).

Mr. Ajoloko recognizes that both this Court and the United States Supreme Court have held that appellate counsel need not file every available colorable claim and that space considerations may require counsel to winnow down his arguments. (Need to cite case law) This is not a case where because of space considerations appellate counsel was forced to winnow down his arguments.

Instead, appellate counsel’s brief represents a lackluster effort. The Initial Brief was 24 pages in length (despite a 50 page limit) and included large, sometimes full page, spaces in between each of the issues raised. Mr. Ajoloko family and members of Holy Spirit Catholic Church paid $18000 for this representation.  In fact, there were actually two briefs; the first brief was 23 pages. Petitioner’s mother, Pamela Ajoloko and Fran Viselli of Holy Spirit pointed out to the appellate counsel that he had gotten very important facts incorrect. (Please note that both initial briefs are with this petition).

Charles and I are still trying to put together his Habeas Corpus. We are in dire need of Pro-Bono or an attorney willing to take payments. Time is of the essence. Meanwhile, Charles continues to try his best to do his Habeas Corpus, Pro Se.

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  1. Put your twitter and facebook accts on the right using a widget so people can find them easily – also to follow your blog at wp or by email. If you want to get info out you need to tag. It is the only way you can be found by Google search. Open account at stumbleupon. Best way to get read. Put each post in section called “add a page” under the category “crime”. I get. A large portion of my traffic from them. Also – add a picture of your son. Hope this helps. Good luck. One more thing, if you don’t know. Join M.I.S.S . Mothers of Incarcerated Sons Society. There are a lot of resources on their website. Lots of support from other mothers.


      1. I didn’t either when I started. There is such a learning curve. Check into the site for people learning how to blog. there are 2 courses. It starts out with blogging 101. You’ll see on people’s sites the ones who have gone through it. if you can’t find it let me know.

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    1. So far, I’ve joined Mothers of Incarcerated Sons Society. I am also on Stumbleupon. I tried to follow the directions for widgets. I don’t see it anywhere, although I saved and published. Still trying to figure out RSS feed and Hast tag. Thanks for the advice. I got 13 views from stumbleupon just today.

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      1. Most people don’t use Stumble upon right. I get a high percentage of traffic there. I wrote a post about some time back. I’ll find it for you. I don’t worry about rss feed – but tagging is very very important. If you don’t use it right you will get no search engine ranking. I’ll give you some pointers. Widgets are real easy to use – you just need to find them. Once you do it will really fill in your blog. What is your name on MISS? They’re great. It’s wonderful place to meet people who understand how hard it is. I think mine is SonniQ. Is your email address on your blog? it will be easier to put this stuff in an email

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      2. I do not know if my email address is on my blog. I know that I would like it to be. I have 2 email addresses justiceformyson2@aol.com and pamelok@aol.com. I think that my name on M.I.S.S. is my email address(the justice one). I just checked and sail that they sent several emails. I will open them sometime today. At work, 13-1/2 hours today. Yesterday, it took me forever to figure some of the stuff I was trying to do. Peace


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