CHARLES’ PRELIMINARY STATEMENT – Not Bad For 2 novices – Still seeking attorney help


            Article l, Section 13 of the Florida Constitution provides: “The writ of habeas corpus shall be grantable of right, freely and without cost.” This petition for habeas corpus relief is filed to address substantial claims of error under the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and the corresponding provisions of the Florida Constitution. These claims demonstrate that Mr. Ajoloko was deprived of his rights to fair, reliable, and individualized pretrial, trial and sentencing proceedings, and that the proceedings resulting in his conviction and sentence violated fundamental constitutional imperatives. Mr. Ajoloko has been sentenced to 12 years. His direct appeal, Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal Case Number:  5D14-368, was affirmed- per curiam on 3/31/2015. The motion for rehearing was denied on 5/6/2015 and mandated on 5/26/2015. The records were returned on 6/17/2015.

The resolution of the issues involved in this petition will therefore determine whether he spends the remaining 10 years of his young, productive life in prison because he wasn’t given a fair and just trial.


What we are doing is looking for similar cases that can help explain Charles plight and then interjecting his situation where applicable.

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