Caryn E. Johnson, a.k.a.Whoopi Goldberg. Do you Remember me? A Terrible Injustice Has Been Done.

Caryn E. Johnson, I am calling on you as a social activist and  public figure that can help to right a wrong.

Caryn Elaine Johnson a.k.a. Whoopi Goldberg, do you remember me? My name is Pamela Lynch, now Ajoloko.

My sister’s name was Camille Lynch.

Camille  attended Holy Cross Catholic High School in New York City.

Camille was born on November 30, 1955. She was majoring in Math. She wanted to be a Mathematician like our father who received his Masters Degree in Math from Columbia Univeristy.

Camille graduated from Holy Cross and attended the Catholic university,Fordham University. During her Sophomore year at Fordham, Camille passed away  at the age of 19 from Lupus. She was my only sibling.

Caryn, I am sure that you remember Camille because I believe Camille was the only African-American in her class, if not the school. I was one of 2 African-American American that was at St. Bernard Elementary School unitl my sister graduated from St. Bernard and went to Holy Cross.

I seem to remember you attending Holy Cross.

I know that you have to remember me because I was the pesty little sister that always wanted to go with her big sister wherever she went.

You and Camille were five years older than me.

We grew up in The New York City Housing Authority’s Fulton houses on West 17th Street and you grew up a few blocks away in Chelsea.

I seem to remember that you use to always play the guitar. I also remember you read a poem that I wrote when I was 10 years old entitled,”How do I Love Thee. It was about a woman’s love for a man and you were suprised that I wrote something so mature.

Caryn, I also remember that you were once in a play at Holy Cross. I had begged my sister to let me attend.

My sister and I attended the show. I felt like such a big girl to be going to a high school play.

Caryn, in December 2013, I sent a letter to ABC Studio in hopes that would receive my message.

I know that I am a nobody and I am sure you have more engaging things to do. However, I am only asking that you would be take a look at my son’s case.

My oldest son, Charles graduated A/B honor roll from a  Holy Spirit Catholic High School. He is 3 classes away from a Bachelor’s Degree. He has been a Boys Scout, member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Association, volunteer at the VA Medical Center and a mentor to young people. He did not have a prior criminal record. He is now incarcerated.

On May 13, 2011, Charles called the police because he was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint. He was robbed of his money, his cell phone, the keys to his car and 2 guns. The detective that was assigned to his case decided that he fit the description of 2 earlier attempted robberies.

The description was a dark African-American man between 5’7″ and 6′ tall. wearing glasses.

Caryn, this case has become so convoluted that I do not know where to turn. Prosecutors and attorneys are working together. At present, I have some organizations looking into my son’s case. There is no guarantee that they will take my son’s case. Meanwhile, I am seeking legal assistance and support wherever I can get it from.

Caryn, what I am seeking from you is for you to provide me with an attorney that is familiar with Florida Criminal Defense and Florida Criminal Appeals because I have every transcript, incident reports, police reports, crime line 911 tape, depositions. Interview with the guys that robbed my son, among other documents.

My son’s attorney did not do anything but take our money. He did not even do an opening statement at the start of the trial, nor did he play the 911 tape where the victim/witness said that she could not identify anyone. The police report said that she said that she could only see the eyes because the person was wearing a bandana that covered half their face and a hoodie. By trial, she said that the nose, and cheeks looked familiar and that his skin was no longer like a baby. What the crap does that sh** mean? My son’s attorney didn’t even question her about her changed statement. Please help me. I no longer know who to trust. They seem to be working together to get the same results. I think that they do not want to out one another. For them, it’s better to let an innocent,  gifted young man spend 12 years in prison.

I need an attorney who has no ties to te Good Ol Boys. I need an honest, caring and ethical attorney. Are there any left?

Please read my blog: Please follow me on twitter., Vine and Instagram. email: 

Please write me at:

Justice For My Son 2

PO Box 70111

Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407


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