Judge Jenifer M. Davis Presided Over My Son’s Case.

Judge Jenifer M. Davis was the presiding judge at my son, Charles Ajoloko trial.

Would things have gone differently, if she knew really what was going on?

It is Deacon’s Fran Viselli of Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Charles’ belief that Judge Davis was cajoled by the prosecutor and defense attorneys. They believe that she is a fair and just judge, if given all of the information.

I do not know what to believe. So much as gone on; however, I am inclined to think that maybe Fran and Charles may have a point.

I do not want to believe that Judge Davis knew the prosecutor encouraged the victim to lie. At trial, the prosecutor reminded the victim that she was able to see the suspect’s face from the nose upward.(Without Objection) However, as prosecutor, he should have read the police report, where the policeman said that the victim said that she could only see the eyes. The prosecutor should have listened to the 911 tape, where the victim said that she could only identify the suspect if he looked the same way he did when he came to her (hoodie and bandana). I cannot believe the judge knew that police detective lied during her deposition and on the stand. Really, how would she know? After all, my son’s attorney and every attorney on this case have been in cahoots with the prosecutor. Could Judge Davis be a party to that? Surely not.

So I decided to Google Judge Jenifer Davis. What better place to learn about someone than online?

Below is one of the articles that I found about her and her legal ethics.

If my son had an attorney who gave a sh##, his case would have been dismissed.


ORLANDO, Fla. — Posted: 5:29 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

Inconsistencies in an Orlando police sergeant’s testimony led to a mistrial and a deal that kept a drug suspect’s record clean, Channel 9’s Kathi Belich learned.  

Court records show Circuit Court Judge Jenifer Davis lectured the Orlando Police Sergeant Frank Chisari, and had concerns about possible perjury.   

Belich obtained the court records and asked WFTV legal analyst Belvin Perry if the testimony could be used every time Chisari takes the stand in court. Perry said defense attorneys could use the testimony in future cases to question the officer’s credibility.                

Davis told the prosecutor in the case if her office didn’t follow up on the issue, the judge would.  

Officials with the State Attorney’s Office told Belich they will meet about the issue Friday.   Davis’ harsh words for Chisari came during a drug trial a few months ago.  

A court transcript shows she said “If it got to the place where it looked like perhaps you were using semantics or words rather than honesty and truth …  A trial is never as important as one’s integrity.”  

Chisari had denied knowing of any excessive force complaints against him but the defense presented documents that raised questions about that claim.  

The judge sent the jury out of the courtroom. Chisari again denied it and then he was sent out, according to court records.  

The transcript shows the judge then said “If, in fact, he wants to play semantic games like he does, presumably, perhaps sometimes in his life, that’s fine, but not with me and not in this courtroom. That’s not how we do justice. If, in fact, that was just perjury, I will follow through with that and he will be looking at a felony because he will not be doing that in this courtroom.”     

Perry read the transcript and said he believes an investigation would be warranted. He said the issue might not go away for the sergeant.  

“You will have defense attorneys trying to use this to their advantage, the problem being you can’t impeach someone for prior bad acts, but that doesn’t stop them from trying,” said Perry.  

According to court records, Chisari ended up telling the judge that maybe there was a complaint in 2005.  

Orlando Police Department officials said they reviewed the situation but did not reassign or discipline Chisari. Channel 9 is not aware of any other case that might have been affected by Chisari’s testimony.


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One thought on “Judge Jenifer M. Davis Presided Over My Son’s Case.

  1. That’s The same judge! Jennifer Davis in orange county who’s allow witnesses, detective Dave Phil and, and christopher williams and prosecutor robin Wilkins! Convicted my brother Drinel joseph to 2 life sentence for a murder he didn’t commit! Allow them to lie on the stand and fuck him over on he-say/she-say!! Because a telephone tower show my brother was within 3.4mile away from the crime scene!! Very much terrible person and judge ms Davis is shame on her! If there is a God! Than he will judge her! God bless her and daughters and sons! With the same pain and I pray for her


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