An 86 Year Old Grandmother’s’s Plea to President Obama.

I am re-blogging this post because I learned that my followers were unable to see the video. Sorry, I had it mistakenly set as private. Well, here it is. Thanks

justiceformyson2[/embed]We only want someone to look at the documents in our possession which includes police reports, trial transcript, initial brief, answer brief, depositions,911 call, etc.

Once a capable and legal mind reviews the documents, it will be evident that egregious misconduct took place.

Then we would like the President to grant clemency and a pardon.

Charles was sentenced to 12 years as a first offender. he is 3 classes shy of a Bachelor’s Degree. This is not justice.

I know that the chances of President Obama responding to this is improbable but I promised my mother that I would post her video.

Someone responded to her last video to President Obama with the comment,”Good Luck with that”

It made her sad.

She is presently in the hospital.

She would like to see justice for her grandson.

We will soon be doing a post conviction and welcome all and any legal minds…

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