No Money No Justice – Should We Go Pro se?

The more money a defendant has, the better the chances of having a dream team defense. Shamefully, $10 or 15 thousand dollars to an attorney is not considered a lot of money. This is why my son and I are thinking of going pro se.

What is pro se representation?

Pro se representation is when the defendant in a criminal case chooses to represent themselves in a court of law. Instead of relying on a lawyer for representation and advice, a pro se defendant researches and argues their case in front of the judge and the jury. A defendant who represents themselves in court is called a “pro se defendant.”(

A punishment for the poor

We’ve heard it in the movies a thousand times – “You have the right to an attorney.” But in most states there is little guaranteed that poor defendants will receive a competent one. Our nation’s death penalty system is littered with shocking examples of lawyers who were drunk, asleep, or completely inexperienced. Most people cannot afford a “dream team” of expensive lawyers. When court-appointed lawyers lack the experience or resources to do an effective job in a capital case, their mistakes can cost a life. (

I thought that when I paid $15000 for my son’s first attorney, all would be well. It never dawned on me that the attorney would not conduct an investigation nor even prepare for the trial.

The second and third attorney followed suit. I paid $18000 and $10000 respectively

Additionally, we lost the appeal (another $18000)

It is my opinion that 3 of 4 these attorneys (I am not sure about one of these attorneys) committed fraud upon the court and corrupted the legal process?

How do I now know who to trust next?

What do we do now?

My thoughts are of going pro se.

The groups of attorneys that we chose were all friends and most likely part of the Good Ol’ Boy Society. None of them bothered to investigate the case. Rather they just followed what the first attorney and prosecutor said.

I feel that we could do a better job. It definitely couldn’t be any worse.

The right to an attorney is one of the basic hallmarks of our justice system. But it’s not justice at all when a select few can hire a “dream team” of expensive lawyers and everyone else is lucky if theirs is competent. When a life is on the line, good luck isn’t good enough.(EJUSA)

4 thoughts on “No Money No Justice – Should We Go Pro se?

  1. My husband had a federal public defender. I called him almost daily and told him what he should investigate. He never did. He told me once that I should be a lawyer. He said it as a joke. I didn’t think it was funny. There were legitimate and obvious things he should have been doing. It was frustrating to us but we had no experience. But I know my husband could have did a better job. I also found out that prosecutors hold secret lunch meetings at least once a week and discuss all their cases. And the prosecutor in my husbands case always has the same judge. It is a good Ole boy environment.

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  2. I spoke with a representative of Lt. Gov, Dan Patrick’s office, for almost an hour. I explained that I was seeking Truth & Justice for my son’s suspicious death, that took place in Amsler Park, McGregor, Tx, on Feb 16, 2006. I explained that I’ve been seeking a Death Inquest, per Texas Code of Criminal Procedures, Art. 49.01, for 9 years and through 3 Justices-of-the-Peace (McLennan County, Pct 5, now 4).
    Daryl(sp) listened, as I ran down all the contacts I’d made: Texas Rangers, McLennan County Sheriff’s Dept, my local and state representatives, Attorney General, Abbott and Paxton, Governors, Perry and Abbott, District Attorney, Abel Reyna, Legal Aid (who will not represent a criminal case), Texas State Bar, etc, etc…..
    I expressed my confusion, as to why if this Law is under Texas Law, why is it so difficult to follow?
    I did a recap of the odd/suspicious circumstances of Joshua’s death, that led me to believe that Joshua was murdered and did not commit suicide.

    After all that, I was told that there was NO agency/office that could/would help me to get Truth and/or Justice, except to contact the Texas Rangers. (Which, in my opinion, are also corrupt)
    In 2006 and 2007, I had contacted the Texas Rangers/Company F/Waco, Texas, to request an Investigation into Joshua’s death, because McGregor PD had not investigated, nor would McLennan County Sheriff. I was denied both times, by Ranger Stephen Foster, now retired.
    Foster, became Chief of Police in McGregor, in Feb, 2008! Coincidence? No, I don’t think so.
    Recently, on Aug 13, 2015, I was advised by U.S. Attoney, Durbin, Northwest District/Texas, to contact the Texas Rangers. So, I called Company F/Waco, and Carrie, who answered, remembered me from 8-9 years ago, and told me, “If this is about your son, Joshua Robinson, we’ve already looked into this case, and found nothing wrong.” I said, “No, you didn’t because I would have received the investigative findings.” She said, “You will have to send an Open Records Request!”
    So, my next step, an FOIA to the Texas Rangers.

    My question, after my lengthy conversation with Daryl(sp), what exactly do our state offices do????

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