When in doubt, take no action…

My son is still in prison and thus far, I haven’t done anything extra to aid his release. I am in one of the most difficult conundrums of my life

I’ve talked with Charles and we opted to take a slower approach(not too slow) and look at all avenues before leaping forward.

Charles also wants me to get his baby sister settled in her Sophomore year at the University of America

Many people are offering suggestions and I am very grateful for their input and support.

Until we know which direction we are going, I can’t seem to make a decision.

Our prior decisions were done hastily. If we had chosen ethical, upright attorneys, my son would not be in prison now.

We want the next move to be the right move. We want it to be:

  • the move that gets him a new trial.
  • the move that gets him a dismissal.

I want to thank the National Center for Due Process for their patience.  I know that they will be there for me , if needed. Elizabeth Ann Schilling has been very supportive. https://nationalcdp.org/

Thus far, Jeffrey Deskovic has shown an interest, as well as the Innocence Project of Florida.

With all of these noteworthy interests, we are praying that my son’s case will be led to victory.

My son’s case is not a case involving 20 or more years. However, it is an important case because it is an example of what can happen to your child.

It is an example of what can happen when the police manipulates evidence

It is an example of what can happen with an over zealous prosecutor.

It is an example of what can happen with ineffective assistance of counsel.

It is an example of what can example when all bodies of the judicial system are working together to save their own skins.

Imagine a Texas prosecutor,  John Jackson, the prosecutor in the 1992 trial of Cameron Todd Willingham 5r was found guilty, guilty, guilty of prosecutor misconduct. 23 years later, they are seeking to discipline him for his conduct which led to a wrongful conviction.

In 2013, another former Texas prosecutor was disbarred after being charged over a wrongful murder conviction that sent an innocent man to prison for nearly 25 years. Ken Anderson had also been accused of misconduct by the state bar and pleaded no contest to a charge of contempt of court. He agreed to a 10-day jail sentence.

A victory in my son’s case will start the wheels of justice rolling in its early stages.

A victory for my son is a victory for all.

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