It’s Sad to Think That America Is Losing Its Distinction As The Best Legal System in the World

I have always been a firm believer in the American Justice System. 

I was  taught that America has the best legal system in the world.

My belief in our American Justice System has been shattered.

When I go over all of the documents from my son’s case, a nauseated feeling hits the pit of my stomach.

When I look at the prosecutor and police misconduct that took place, I feel a sadness for our Criminal Justice System.

When I look at how our inept criminal defense attorney turned a blind eye to this misconduct, I want to cry for our decaying Justice System.

I cry because this has become the norm of our society.

Prosecutors have taken over justice system and perverted it to meet their own agenda.

Prosecutors decides whether to bring charges, what charges to bring and whether to offer a plea bargain.

This is too much power for some people.

This is a justice system lacking checks and balances.

My son’s case is another example of a Criminal System gone rogue.

The original police report for my son’s case said the following,

The victim described the unknown suspect as an average built black male, approximately 5’11”,wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans and a blue and white bandana  covering his face leaving only his eyes exposed.

The victim also stated thatshe would not be able to identify the suspect if she was to see him again.

At trial, the prosecutor knowingly asked a question in which he knew that the victim was going to lie. This line of questioning went without objection.

A witness under oath commits perjury by making a statement in a court or other proceeding that the witness knows is not true.

A lawyer shall not knowingly offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false.

ProsecutorSo the only portion of his face that you were able were to see were the eyes and nose? (How does an attorney not object to such a leading question?)

Victim: Maybe above his lip to maybe here to his forehead.

Prosecutor: And his hands?

Victim: I only remember seeing one of them.(Her 911 tape said it was the left hand and at trial when cross examined, she said it was the right hand).

This following dialogue is the prosecutor and the officer.

Prosecutor:  Okay. When — you were taking a statement from her and you got the description of the person who robbed her, right?

Officer at Scene: Uh-huh. Yes. I’m sorry.

Prosecutor:  And the description that she gave you was black 20 male, young, between 5’7 and 5’11, average built, et cetera?

Officer at Scene: Correct.

My son’s defense attorney did not cross examine the officer, even though he had the original police report. 

Good Job Gary, Gold Star

The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population, yet has more than 25%  of the world’s total prison population.

Does America really believe that it has the best legal system in the world?

2 thoughts on “It’s Sad to Think That America Is Losing Its Distinction As The Best Legal System in the World

  1. This sounds exactly what happened to my son, the victim changed her own police report on the witness stand. Added more injuries on the witness stand (no pictures or Dr report on them) Judge allowed the DA to control the whole courtroom. Basically at the end my son couldn’t tell them how she got the bruises, she said he did them … There for his guilty! She got away with putting him in jail, felony on his record, she was allowed to move 3000 miles away with his child (possible 2) she doesn’t want to have anything to do with my son. He’s not allowed to contact her . First child, we are sure is my sons, is 1 year,the second only 6 months. He can’t see them because he can’t contact the mother, plus they are 3000 miles away…. Justice…i think not :(?

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