Police Brutality Without Lifting A Hand

When I think of police brutality, I think of the unnecessary, excessive physical force the police use on civilians. This excessive force sometimes adds up to the unnecessary taking of human life.

When I think of police corruption, I think of policemen taking kickbacks from organized crime.  I think of the shaking down of drug dealers and prostitutes of their money and drugs.  I think of the police turning a blind eye to illegal acts for a price. The police’s main goal is personal financial gain. It was all about the money. This is their motive.

Now a days, police brutality comes in another form. The police has found another way to exhibit their brutality and abuse. They have found another way of the taking of life without firing a shot.

They commit their abuse by planting and fabricating evidence. They manipulate evidence. They manipulate and coach victims. They use psychological intimidation on the accused to obtain false confessions.

Without doing these acts, they know that they would have a difficult time convicting the accused. They are doing these things to ensure a conviction. Their actions are supported by the prosecutor.

What is their motive if money is no longer the motivator?

Feeding their ego is the motive. Somewhere along the way, the police and prosecutor has become the judge and the jury.

Once they zero in on an individual, they want to convict by any means necessary.

My son was the victim of police abuse.

The police detective on my son’s case had only been a policeman for 5 years and a detective less than a year.

She had something to prove.

The detective left pertinent information off her arrest affidavit, like the part where the victim, said that she would be unable to identify her assailant.

She lied on her sworn deposition.

She withheld evidence. She was over zealous in her tactics to arrest and charge my son.

She and the prosecutor were working together.

My son’s Constitutional Rights were thrown out of the window.

Its too bad that our trial attorney did not have even half the zealousness of the detective and prosecutor.

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