Florida Fifth Court of Appeals – Charles Ajoloko’s Docket

The following is the appeal docket.

Please note that at some time, the court requested Bill Ponall to Show Cause Lack of Prosecution, Initial Brief.

Show Cause Lack of Prosecution, Initial Brief means that the appeal attorney had put in a notice to continue so many times, that the court was threatening to dismiss the appeal. Bill had noticed to continue the initial brief three times.

Bill had failed to file the Initial Brief in time. Later, the court removed the show cause order. I feel that Bill did not include everything he needed to include in the brief. My next blog post will bullet the arguments and what I feel should have been included.

Date Docketed
Date Due
Filed By
02/05/2014 Case Filing Fee
02/05/2014 Notice of Appeal Filed Appellant
02/05/2014 Acknowledgement Letter 1
02/05/2014 Order to pay filing fee – Criminal appeal (300)
02/07/2014 Case Filing Fee
02/11/2014 Notice of Cross Appeal Withdrawn Appellee
03/11/2014 Court Reporter Ack. Letter
04/02/2014 Motion Extension of Time For Court Reporter-Transcript Appellant
04/03/2014 Order Granting EOT for Court Reporter’s Transcript 04/25/2014
04/28/2014 Received Records
04/28/2014 Received Records
04/30/2014 Received Records
06/03/2014 Notice Appellant
06/27/2014 Notice Appellant
07/30/2014 Notice Appellant
09/03/2014 Show Cause Lack of Prosecution, Initial Brief
09/03/2014 RESPONSE Appellant
09/04/2014 ORD-Discharging Show Cause
09/23/2014 Initial Brief on Merits Appellant
09/23/2014 Request for Oral Argument
10/20/2014 Appellee’s Answer Brief Attorney General – Appellee
11/10/2014 Notice Appellant
12/10/2014 Notice Appellant
01/09/2015 Appellant’s Reply Brief Appellant
03/17/2015 Oral Argument Date Set
03/31/2015 Affirmed – Per Curiam Affirmed
04/15/2015 Motion For Rehearing Appellant
05/06/2015 Order Deny Rehearing
05/26/2015 Mandate

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