Gary Schwartz-Orlando Fl. Attorney – What happened???

When we first hired Gary Schwartz, he was working for the Umansky Firm. He promised to zealously represent my son. He promised to investigate the allegations. He did not.

The week after my son’s conviction, Gary Schwartz was no longer employed by the Umansky firm. I could not reach him and he did not return my calls. Even his former office associates would not or could not tell me his where about. It turns out that he went to another firm. Why? I do not know.

Gary finally got in touch with me before sentencing. I told him that my son wanted to appeal the conviction. Gary recommended Brownstone Law Firm. I talked with them for a couple of weeks and they seemed to know what they were talking about. However, I was uncomfortable going with a referral from Gary. I decided against it. Good thing we didn’t go with them.

It turns out that Gary went to work for Brownstone Law Firm. This is probably why he only gave me his personal email and personal cell number.  He never told me that he went to work for Brownstone Law Firm.

It kind of makes you wonder???

How does this work?

How was I suppose to use the appeal firm that Gary was newly working for?

Would they really want to say that one of their attorneys provided ineffective assistance of counsel?

Gary knew that I had a $9000 check(deposit) from one of our church members.

What he just after the money?

It makes you wonder.

When you go online about Orlando’s Gary Schwartz, you read all of his wonderful attributes.

Gary was a former prosecutor.

Gary was a former public defender.

“Gary is passionate about protecting the rights of individuals who find themselves swept up in the criminal justice system. He is dedicated to bringing his experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney to bear in an intelligent, strategic analysis of your case”.

Where did all of this go when representing my son?

Don’t Believe the Hype.

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