Who is Charles Ajoloko? ………..Letter From Deacon of H.S. Catholic Church

I know that my son is innocent of the attempted robbery charges; however, if he was not, how does a system sentence a young man with no prior criminal history to a mandatory 12 years imprisonment.

Where is the rehabilitation in that?

What will he learn during this imprisonment?

Who is benefitting from this imprisonment?

While home on bail, Charles worked and encountered no troubles with the law.

What does this tell you? It tells you that a grave injustice has been done.

Over the years, myself and several of these families donated in excess of $50,000 to Charles’ defense. For our money, we only encountered only inept attorneys and vindictive prosecutors.

My Christmas present to myself last year was to file a Chapter 13.

The following are letters written from prominent people in the community.

My sincere gratitude to everything they have done.


The Honorable Judge Jenifer XXXX

Orange County Court House

425 North Orange House

Orlando, FL 32801

Your Honor,

 My name is Francis Viselli, a Deacon in the church that the Ajoloko

Family attends on a regular basis. Soon after the death of Charles’ father Mrs. Ajoloko asked if I would help Charles, his sister and two brothers with the adjustments necessary with the loss of their father. Mrs. Ajoloko has to be a blessed woman with the patients she demonstrated in keeping the families sense of dignity and hope alive. Charles likewise took the roll of senior male member of the family and helped with boundary setting and guidance in timeliness, organization, and positive behavior. He really is the older brother of that Family that his sister and brothers look to for guidance. He is a great roll model. 

In all the years that I have been part of this family’s religious education, social growth, and friend never have I seen a disrespectful tone expressed by the children of this family toward any adult especially the mother, Pam. They, especially Charles has been a rock and mentor to his Tuscaloosa County, school, and church communities. I have provided you with a list of Accomplishments, Challenges, and Work History of Charles’ that I am familiar with to this point in his short life. With his outstanding character, I am sure there are others. 

Your Honor, please look further into the circumstances that have occurred with Charles’ defense that may lead to a more family centered, positive outcome. His family and community need him and people like him to be the positive roll models to the youth.  


Deacon Francis Viselli




  1. Grades from high school years 2005 – 2009  AB Honor Roll
  2.  Volunteered at Veterans Administration Hospital on Tuscaloosa from 2005 -2009
  3. Participated in the Boy Scouts of America  2003 – 2008 
  4. Was part of Big Brother and Big Sister from 2003 – present  His Brother is Mr. Josh Cardens.  He is a policeman at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
  5.  Played soccer, golf, and bowled.
  6.  Loves music and story telling.
  7.  Volunteered at Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church and school.
  8. Charles is a life long Asthmatic and is on medication. Voted Prom King in his senior year. Charles along with his brother, Alex volunteered at our “Tuscaloosa Soup Bowl”CHALLENGES OF CHARLES AJOLOKO.
  9. In the ninth grade Charles had marked emotional issues and saw a therapist.  He is presently on medication.
  10. Charles is only three classes away from receiving his Bachelor of  Arts Degree in “The Recording Arts” and has a passion to finish.  


  1. During high school Charles work at McDonald’s in Tuscaloosa.  Manager said that he would rehire him at any because of his customer service and work ethic.                
  2. During his time on Bond, Charles worked at Always There, an elder care facility in Tuscaloosa, Al

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