05/06/2015 Order Deny Rehearing – Where Do I Go from Here – Please Help My Son

The Motion for Rehearing was denied. I am not as devastated as I thought that I would be. I researched everything that goes on. I knew that it was an unlikely feat. I wasn’t that impressed with the appeal arguments.

The Florida Bar Journal said the following regarding rehearing’s:

Motions for rehearing should be used sparingly whether in state or federal court. The motions are rarely granted; judges do not like them; and sanctions are a definite possibility. Although it may be appropriate to seek rehearing of an unfavorable appellate decision in cases in which the requirements for rehearing are clearly met, more often it will be better to advise your client not to seek rehearing. Unfortunately, when it comes to rehearing on appeal, it is not axiomatic that if at first you don’t succeed, you should try again.

I have been very upset since seeing this result. I am upset because I know that it will kill my son. I am upset because he continues to put faith in the judicial system. He says things like, “the judge probably didn’t know everything that took place. They kept it from her”

While this may be true, I am always in awe when my son says it and believes it. Prison has not made him a cold, callous person, yet. Of that, I am very grateful.  I, personally no longer knows what true or correct anymore.

I tried to prepare my son for this outcome. I tried not to get his hopes up. He hasn’t called me today. Once again, I dread hearing that sadness and despair in his voice.

Unlike the Affirmed Per Curiam Appeal, I am not got to keep the results from him.

I will tell him as soon as he calls.

Please help me.

Please tell me what to do.

Any interested projects or organization, I have every document needed to prove my son’s innocent. I have depositions, police reports, incident reports, a crime line indicating a different person, 911 call, initial brief, answer brief, reply brief, PSI and much more.

Our attorneys did not take the time to read everything; rather, they relied on what the prosecutor told them or they were in cahoots with the prosecutor. This cartoon depicts exactly how I feel my son is being treated. He is tied up,  standing in front of a firing squad and  waiting to be blown away.

Please help me. Please help my son. I

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