Some prosecutors have no conscience. Some commit Suborned Perjury. Ours did.

When prosecutors knowingly withhold exculpatory evidence favorable to the defense, they are committing a crime. They are now no better than a criminal themselves. The only difference between unethical prosecutors and convicts is that the prosecutor is seldom held accountable for their actions.

How can they live with themselves? How can they sleep at night If they are Christian? How can they go to church on Sundays?

When a prosecutor’s misbehavior results in the conviction of an innocent person, they are also committing robbery. They are robbing that person of living a free life.

When a persecutors’ misbehavior results in the conviction of a defendant, whether he is guilty or not guilty violates the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

The prosecutors in my son’s case knew that the victim was lying when she said that she recognized my son. He knew that she was going to lie when he asked her if the nose looked familiar.

When prosecutors knowingly allow the use of perjured testimony, a defendant’s right to a fair trial is violated. Ethically, a lawyer or prosecutor can’t call a witness who he or she knows is going to lie. To do so is called suborning perjury.

A person is guilty of suborning perjury if he or she attempts to induce a witness to give false testimony under oath in a court or other proceeding, and the witness actually gives false testimony.

Suborn perjury is a criminal defense.

The act of perjury is a felony crime in Florida.

The next question is what is the defense attorney doing when all of this is taking place?

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