Victim wrote two statements. Why???

Someone emailed me and asked me to post one of dialogues I had commented on in the previous post. They thought that it looked quite absurd. It is absurd. Well, here it is. It is obvious that the detective coached. It is also apparent that she is not good at lying. She gave two statements. Why? She was also given 2 photo lineups.

The following is a sworn deposition. Attorney is my son’s criminal defense attorney. Victim is the victim of the attempted robbery with a firearm

Attorney:         Okay. So you wrote two statements. You wrote one that night and you wrote another later on?

Victim:            Yes.

Attorney:          Okay. Can you tell me why that was?

Victim:            Excuse me. What it was or when?

Attorney:         Why.

Victim:            When?

Attorney:         Why.

Victim:            Why?

Attorney:          Yes, ma’am.

Victim:            I remember I was meeting with a detective and she had me write it a few times. I don’t remember exactly what they were for.

Attorney:         Uh-huh.

Victim:            It was usually after she would have me a series of pictures or she would ask me again, state what happened, keep on questioning me, so I wouldn’t forget when she would  ask me questions later again. We met a few times. I believe that was why.

Attorney:         Let me ask you, let’s kind of start with that. You gave the statement that night?

Victim:            Yes

Attorney:         And Detective Collins wasn’t there?

Victim:            No, she wasn’t.

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