Appeal – Affirmed per curiam

Dear Friends, it is with sadness and despair that I am writing this post.  I went online to Florida’s District Court of Appeals website and saw that my son’s appeal has been affirmed per curiam. I am disappointed but not surprised. The appellate attorney hasn’t even contacted me. There were so many issues that I felt should have been raised on the appeal. The attorney would not raise them. I did my research on what could be raised. My son, unfortunately really had faith that we were going to win. Last week, he asked me how long after winning the appeal would it take from him to get out. He wanted to know if he could go back to college to get his last 3 classes for his degree. How do I tell him that he did not win. I always tried to prepare him that he might not win. He said that I was being negative. He wouldn’t discuss it. I started many provisions long before receiving the results. Ironically, last week, I was contacted by an innocence group. I was so surprised. I had been sending out emails and letters. However, I was told that these groups want the inmate to write them. Also, many of these groups are looking for people serving very long prison time or on death row. So , imagine my surprise when they called me at work. I don’t even remember contacting them. I was able to tell them a good portion of what happened. Well, they had told me that they could only take the case if we lost the appeal. Well, we lost and I sent an email. I am waiting to hear from them. I am also going to have Charles send them a letter. My son called me today and I did not tell him that we lost. I couldn’t do it. I tried to tell him that it is important to have a contingency plan. I decided to wait for the attorney to tell him. I paid this attorney $18000. It is the least that he could do, especially since he never met with my son to discuss the issues that he was going to raise on appeal. Please tell me the words to tell my son when he finds out. I do not know what to tell him. My heart is broken because I know that his heart will be broken. Isn’t it funny that I started feeling this dread a few days ago and did not know where it was coming from?

As of today, my son stills is unaware of the news. I dread when he finds out.

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