Trial Attorney recommends the appeal firm he went to work for. He really did. Shyster.

After my son was convicted, his trial attorney didn’t even ask if Charles could stay home until sentencing. He had been home on bond for almost 3 years but he did not think it necessary to ask the judge if he could remain on bond.

After the conviction, I was unable to reach the trial attorney a couple of weeks. I learned that he had left his firm but no one would tell me where he went. Finally, he contacted me. However, he was using his personal email address and not a business one.

I didn’t think anything of it. I was concerned about my son’s sentencing.

Let me tell you what happened.

I had talked about appealing the case immediately. A member of the church had donated $9000 and I would pay whatever difference was needed.

He told me that my son should take the 15 years that the state was offering. He tried to scare me. I asked him how would that affect an appeal. He said that it wouldn’t. He said at least we wouldn’t have to worry about what Charles’ sentence would be and we could focus on the appeal. That was a crock. That was a lie and he knew it.

Later, our  trial attorney recommended an appellate attorney. I decided it couldn’t hurt to talk with the appellate attorney. The appellate attorney was very charming and overzealous about the appeal. He talked of prosecutorial misconduct, jury instructions, etc. The appellate attorney promised that he would visit my son before sentencing. He was suppose to be one of the best.

I almost went with him. Almost.

I called our trial attorney’s former firm and asked where was he practicing? I told him that the attorney and I  still had unfinished business; unless his former firm wanted to take over.

When the former firm told me where our attorney was practicing, I was shocked.

He  went to work at the law firm he had recommended.

He never told me that he was working for them.

They never told me.

Imagine that.

They just wanted the money.

They would have actually taken the case, knowing that they could not and would not go hard after their own attorney.

There would have been no way the could say that one of their attorneys was ineffective.

Luckily, I did not use him.

Our trial attorney wanted to control the appeal. Maybe they wanted to miss the filing date. Once again, something was amuck.

Why would I want to hire the firm where our ineffective was now working?

These attorneys are playing with people’s lives.. They are shysters.

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