A message to the victim – Please do the right thing

Dear J.S.

I am very sorry for the ordeal that happened to you in April 2011. A robbery attempt is a very scary thing. I am glad that you were not harmed.

I am writing you to beg you to allow your conscience to be your kind. A young man’s life is at risk.

My son did not commit this dastardly crime. I believe that you know this in your heart but got manipulated by the prosecutor and police detective, the same way he got manipulated by them.

J.S., I listened to your 911 call. You said that you would be unable to identify the suspect

I read the “original” police report. It said that you were unable to identify the suspect because the person was wearing a mask.

The policeman that night said that,” the victim said that she would be unable to identify the suspect”.

The police showed you a  photo lineup and you said that you could not identify the suspect.

You said that half the face was covered and that you could only see the eyes.

By the time you were given a second photo lineup, you said that the nose looked familiar and that you were 60% sure that my son was the one.

Do you and the police think that we are stupid? His picture was the only common denominator in both pictures. If you were 60% sure(which is still not 100%);isn’t that you were 60% sure that you saw him in the first lineup.

How convenient.

By the time we got to trial, you said that you could see the nose and cheeks and you were 100% sure that it was my son. You said that you could see from his hairline to the top of his top lip.



Who wears a mask that exposes their whole face? Why wear a mask? A 5 year old playing cops and robbers knows how to put a bandana on to cover their face

You know that this is crazy. How could allow yourself to be manipulated like this?

How can you live with yourself?

Please come forward and tell the truth.

My son has just turned 24. He has been in prison for over a year for a crime that he did not commit.

The prosecutor was angry that my son would not take a plea. Our attorneys were angry that we wanted to go to trial. They just wanted some easy money and not have to work for it.

Otherwise, they would have played the 911 tape at trial. Otherwise, they would have questioned you about your changed testimony. Otherwise, they would have question the policeman who said that you were unable to identify the suspect.

The attorney did not do any of this. They wanted to lose. They got paid. They didn’t care. A trial takes away their precious time and we were going to suffer for it.

Please come forward and tell the truth. Please. I am begging you.

My son is 3 classes from a Bachelor’s Degree. He is still young enough and not scarred enough to have a good life.

My heart is broken. I dream about my son almost every night. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. You can fix this. Please.

I am begging you to come forward and tell the truth. I am begging you.

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