The prosecutor and police detective worked together – See Deposition

The prosecutor and police detective worked together. They withheld key evidence that could have helped my son. How can they live with themselves? They outright lied to the judge and jury and got away with it.

One of the evidence withheld was the fact that my son’s phone was not used in the area during the time of the attempted robberies

The following is taken directly from incident report:

June 14, 2011

The following is in the words of the detective on the incident report

I received the results from the Order to Produce for Charles Ajoloko’s phone. I looked at the dates the Robberies occurred to see if Ajoloko was in the area. It appears Ajoloko’s cell phone was not used near the time of the Robberies.

Please note the date above is June 14, 2011. This is when she got back the results from my son’s phone records. At her deposition, she said that she did not get back the results from the phone records.

Below is taken directly from the police detective’s deposition. The deposition was done on 4/2/2012 after she received the records.

Please note that I copied and pasted directly from the deposition which is why there are numbers. Q is our defense attorney, is the detective.

Q You also acquired the phone records of

5 Mr. Ajoloko.

6 Can you walk us through how you did

7 that or the process?

8 I believe I used a subpoena for that. And,

9 um — no, I got an order, a court order —

10 Q Okay.

11 A — to produce. And I’m just waiting for

12 the results to get here.

13 Q Did you turn over that order to — as a

14 part of your discovery?

15 A Should have.

16 Q Because I don’t see it. I don’t see it in

my package.

18 A Okay. I can get it to you guys.

19 Prosecutor: I don’t think I have one

20 either.

21 BY Defense attorney

22 Q Yeah. The order in the affidavit that you

23 used in order to get the order.

24 A Yeah. It’s just two pages, and it’s right

25 here.

Q If you can get that over to the prosecutor, that

2 would be great.

3 A Uh-huh.

4 Q Thank you.

It was never put in discovery. It was never turned over. She lied during her deposition. She had the results but did not want to say what the results were. The prosecutor also knew the results. Our attorney did nothing to follow through.

Isn’t there some kind of law for the detective lying on a sworn deposition?????? Isn’t there some kind of law for the prosecutor withholding information.


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