Orlandos Money-Hungry Attorneys disable my Humble Home

 Dear Friends,

           I know that it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I promise that from now on, I will post a least every other day. Lord know, I have a lot to talk about.

           I have been working many hours, approximately 12 hours a day. I run a day care on Saturdays from my home. I also have a small bulk vending business in which I have to keep the machines filled with candy and in good working conditions. I manage two houses. I also take care of my mother who is 86. I am 54.  As crazy as this may sound, I am looking to clean offices on Sundays, at least 2.

As my deceased husband and I were late bloomers, I still have an 18 years who is in college and a 16 year old. My 21 year old work and contributes to the household. The loss of my husband disabled our home both emotionally and financially. Boys need a father figure. Sometimes I am grateful that he passed away before any of this happened.

            I am physically, financially and emotionally drained. To date, I have had 2 hip replacements, and carpal tunnel surgery. I am due for carpal tunnel surgery on my other hand.  

            I have been encouraged to file disability but that is a luxury that I cannot afford. In the 9 years that I have been with this company, I have never been late or called in sick. I have only been out for my surgeries and vacation days.

           My dire straits is due to all of the attorney fees and expenses I incurred over the past 3-1/2 years. It seems like I had the worse luck with private attorneys.

            As a novice to the judicial system, I did not know how to pick an attorney. I chose my first son’s first attorney based on a bail bondsmen recommendation. This is illegal in the state of Florida. I chose the second attorney from a friend’s referral but they withdrew from the case because of a conflict of interest. Or so they say. I believe that they saw so much shenanigans going on that they did not want to get involve. It would mean calling out their friends. I picked the last one from AVVO online lawyer service. The site said the attorneys’ concentration was 100% criminal defense.

            I bought into the attorney’s rhetoric and spiels. Spiels like,’ The Best Offense is a Strong Defense! – “Providing aggressive representation in the face of even the most complex of cases. You can rest assured knowing there is a professional team of attorneys working for you! We will guide you through every step of your case. Yeah Right. How about this one? Everyone Deserves a Second Chance – We don’t believe that your life should be defined by one mistake. Contact us today and learn how we can help you move on with your life.

These attorney promised to zealously represent my son. Rather, all they did was take the money and run.

It seemed like every time I turned around, an attorney had their hand out. If it wasn’t for depositions or additional expenses: then it was for doctors’ fees. They were trying to break me. They wanted me to stop making payments so that they had a reason to drop the case. That never happened.

I did not know that the first attorney should have set up a trust fund for my son. I was having the money transferred directly to her bank account. I gave her a $5000 deposit and made $200 bi-weekly payment. She would then ask for deposition moneys. Later she needed $4000 to go to trial or she would drop the case. I gave her the $4000. That trial never took place. I never got my money back. She was a crook with a Capital C. Thank God for Bank Records. Thank God for Emails. I will not even go into how much I paid the second and third attorney.

I later learned that I should have gotten an attorney outside the Orlando circle since they all know each other and tend to work together. Sometimes you could get caught up n in attorney click. I didn’t know. However I did begin to suspect that my son’s attorney had a thing for our first attorney. He was quick to tell my son that he was dating an African-American attorney at his firm. He even introduced her. Also, he always spoke of what a great attorney she was. When he said that, I got sick to my stomach. Why would he even tell us that when he knew how we felt about her representation? Birds of a feather flock together. He did worse than her. I now believe that it was intentional.

            To top it off, the case was in a different state so I also incurred travel expenses. I will not even discuss how many times we went to Florida to find out that the hearing was cancelled. I later learned most of those times our attorney was lying to us.  The hearings took place but for whatever reason, he did not want my son present. My next blog will discuss one such time.

I have depleted my savings. We are barely living. I got caught up in those payday loans and ended up taking out one loan to pay another. This amounted in the thousands. The juggling act I tried to do fell apart.

            I will forever be grateful for the members of the Catholic Community that donated to our cause in excess of $30000. They all know what I do and continue to do. Even with all that is going on, I continue to volunteer with Junior Achievement. This makes my 4th year. I believe in giving back to the community.

            I will continue this fight for justice for my son, even if it means that we have to lose everything in the process. In fact, we already have loss everything but that’s okay. For the first time in my life, I had to file a Chapter 13.

            This is my son’s life and freedom that we are talking about.

            My son had 3 trial attorneys.  The first and third were unethical individuals who only cared about their wallets or purses.  The verdict is still out on the 2nd attorney; although he did return most of his $18000 fee. Even that was suspicious.

              They say that everything comes in threes. Well, we had 3  attorneys. We ae now in the appeal stage. Let’s hope that this one is a charm. Lets pray that my son wins the appeal.

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