The attorney received a bad review and it wasn’t from me.

Let’s the talk about the trial attorney.

We already established that the trial attorney was an imbecile. He buddied up to the prosecutor. He did not present discovery evidence at trial. He did not object to anything at trial. Therefore, he did not preserve any issues for appeal. This is from an attorney whose specialty is 100% criminal defense. He worked for a firm whose motto was.’Everyone Deserves a  Second Chance. We don’t believe that your life should be defined by one mistake. Contact us
today and learn how we can help you move on with your life’.

After my son was found guilty, our trial attorney apologized. Great. He then disappeared.

I endlessly called the firm for weeks.

Finally, I was told that he had left the firm.

Isn’t that something? He left the firm.

I always wondered if my son’s case had something to do with him leaving the firm.

Then I wonder if he knew he was leaving and thereby did not worry about properly representing my son.

Or could he had been n cahoots with the prosecutor?

Perhaps it is a combination of everything.

What I do know is that, after I finally got in touch with him, he wanted me to talk my son into taking a 15 year plea before sentencing. He said that at least we would be in control of how many years my son would get. He tried to convince me that the judge could give him much more.

He said that taking the plea would not affect an appeal. I think he just didn’t want it know what he did

We didn’t take the plea. The judge gave my son 12 years, less than the plea

Imagine that.

I found the following review on this attorney. This could have almost been a review that I wrote. I wish I had read it before I retained the attorney for my son. Please read below:


This lawyer had his own agenda, more concerned with buddying up to the state and what kind of arrangements he could work out that would best suit the state’s needs, rather than mine. He claimed to be calling my partner constantly to follow up when that wasn’t the case. I knew from the first visit when he didn’t know the difference between trafficking and conspiracy to traffic that there was a problem, but we already had $4000 invested so we stayed with him against my better judgment. In the end he forgot we even had court the day of the sentencing until we called to remind him on top of the fact we found out that the prosecutor had been changed prior to the sentencing and he was not even aware of it, and he proved completely inept against the new prosecutor to even argue for more time. Then after promising to stay on board as my partner’s lawyer no matter what, one week later he withdrew from the case altogether, so all in all, I did not have a good experience with this attorney.      

My next post will discuss a terrible travesty of justice that he  committed . This should have been a red flag for me but I thought that he knew what he was doing.

I was wrong. So wrong



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