Initial Brief Excerpts – Prosecutor’s misconduct is evident

Initial Brief excerpts

As I previously mentioned, my son’s case is on appeal. The oral argument will be done on 3/17/2015. The appeal attorney feel that we have good arguments. I hope that he is right.

It appears that only certain things can be raised on appeal. You would think that the police detective lying on her deposition could be raised on appeal or the fact that the victim changing her testimony from a witness that could not identify the suspect being able to identify the suspect 3 years later. She even went as far to say at trial that she recognized the cheeks and nose, even though the suspect was wearing a mask that covered half his face.

I am praying that the arguments presented are enough the win the appeal and a chance for a dismissal or new trial.

These are the arguments on the appeal. Once again, out of respect for the victim, I am not posting anything with her name nor the name of the detective or prosecutor involved. Not yet anyway. I copied and pasted what I believe is the crux of the appeal.

Please click on the above link to see the arguments.

I welcome all comments both positive and negative.

Thank you for your support.

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