The 2 guys that robbed my son at gunpoint had their charges dismissed…

My son was robbed of his cell phone, money, keys to is car and 2 guns. He was hit in the head with a gun. The police was called. This is how this all got started.

Someone had talked my son into buying guns just for show since someone kept burglarizing his dorm room. He is not street-wise. After buying the guns, they were stolen.

I spend all of my available waking hours going over my son’s case. Each time, I find something new. As I mentioned before, I have all documents. This includes the police reports of my son’s robbery and the interview between the detective and the 2 guys that robbed him. The victim in my son’s case said that the gun in her face was all black. It was later decided that it was a 45 caliber. The gun was never recovered. At trial they had a picture of the gun. No objection. Imagine that. Then our attorney did not object when the prosecutor ask a policeman on the stand to take out his gun and show the jurors.

Let’s also Imagine that one of the guys that robbed by son had an identical gun. A witness said so. Why wasn’t this witness called for our defense??

I am not saying that the persons that robbed my son committed the attempted robbery but it was enough reasonable doubt for our attorney to bring it up but he never read the reports or did he??

Below is an excerpt from the police report. Names have been changed to protect he innocent, if any.

This report is in the detective’s exact words.

According to Mr. R( a witness), he has always known Johnson to carry a firearm. He stated before Johnson stole the Cvictims’ firearms, he has seen Johnson with an all black firearm and believes it is a .45 caliber. According to Mr. witness, he has seen both Johnson and Rogers with the stolen firearms on their person. He also stated they usually will have the firearms on them or in the vehicle. During the search warrant, several items were located and recovered. Inside their bedroom a silver marijuana “grinder” with marijuana residue inside of it and a white envelope addressed to Johnson was sitting on top of his dresser. These items were located by me and recovered by me. Inside the kitchen of the apartment, Detective Fikes located a plastic bottle which resembles marijuana paraphernalia and two digital scales with marijuana residue on it. These items were found on the counter of the kitchen in plain view. Detective Smith also located a silver “Page Plus” phone on the kitchen table. Witness stated this phone is Rogers old cell phone. Detective Smith searched the living room area and the front closet. Detective Fikes a located a box of .45 caliber ammunition under the first couch, closet to the door. There were 32 rounds of ammunition inside the box. He also located a tan bandana and a camouflage firearm holster under the couch cushion. Detective Smith located a multi-colored stripped shirt that was hanging in the front closet by the door. This shirt might have been worn by Johnson during the Home Invasion. Inside the front closet, which is used by Johnson,  located a black digital scale and fifty or more yellow packaging baggies. Detective Smith also located a marijuana pipe inside of a box on the coffee table in the living room. Detective Smith was able to locate and recover Charles  Ruger box and ammunition. Inside the grey Ruger box were two silver magazines for the firearm and a piece of the original paperwork for the firearm. On the paper, there is a hand written number stating “Serial # 312 ****”. The victim does not know his serial number to his Ruger or his Glock. The box of ammunition for the firearm was sitting on top of the Ruger box. These items were both taken from the victims’ home and vehicle(by the 2 guys that robbed him). Detective Smith also located two .40 caliber bullets on top of the coffee table. I was searching the dining room area of the apartment. I found a laundry basket and Bryant Rodgers stated it was Johnson’s laundry basket. Inside the basket, I located several pieces of mail for Johnson. One was a Bright House bill and one was a Food Stamp letter. The address on the mail was ********. I also located on the kitchen table a silver marijuana “grinder” and another piece of mail for *****. Due to the presenting evidence, I wrote an arrest warrant for Johnson.

Their cases were dismissed.

By the way, these were 2 of the witnesses that the prosecutor threatened me with by saying that they were going to testify against my son. That was also a lie. I read the police interview and they said that they could never admit that my son did this crime(and they were under arrest when they made that statement). I will post part of that interview later.

In my entire life, I  have never thought of racial injustices. I would never have thought I would be thinking about it now. However, I cannot help to think that their cases were dismissed because it was “only” a Black on Black crime. I could be wrong. I hope that I am.

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