Letter from a policeman in support of Charles

I am now going to post some letters written from the community in support of my son.These letters were given to the judge at sentencing. I will never understand why the defense did not call character witnesses. Oh yeah, I know. The defense was working with the prosecution.I have xxx’d out the name of the judge and the writer of the letter.

Dear Judge XXX,

My name is  XXXXXXX and I live in Tuscaloosa, Al. I have been a police officer for ten years. I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in 2004. Prior to becoming an officer I volunteered with The Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization of West Alabama starting in January of 2004. During my time with them I had the privilege of meeting Charles, who was twelve years old at the time. In 2009 Charles and I received the Shining Star award from the organization based on our long standing friendship. We spent time going to movies, playing games and enjoying sports. Charles was a soccer fan and liked playing for his school (H.S. Catholic School), but I remember that he had trouble sometimes due to his asthma problem. Even after Charles had outgrown the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program we remained friends and continued to spend time together. Ever since I have known Charles he has been a respectable young man who cared about his future and also about the welfare of others. The last time I saw Charles was August of 2013 when my wife and I went to the movies with him. No matter how old he got he still remained mannered and respectable to me, my wife and others in public that he did not know personally. I know Charles had a job and also prided himself in volunteer work that he was doing. I remember that Charles was so proud that he was going to be able to attend college in Orlando and he never told me about the trouble that had happened, I guess because he didn’t want me to worry about him. He is the oldest of his siblings and I believe that he was a positive example for his brothers and sister who had also expressed interest in college. He is a courteous and humbled young man and I wish I had the strength when I was young to be driven and motivated like he was and I would be privileged to know my sons would grow to be like him. Regardless of the outcome of the trial it is hard for me to believe that a young man that cared so much about his own future and the welfare of others could be involved in the incident he was on trial for. Despite what is going on I still consider Charles a great friend and I would trust him around my family and property anytime. I pray for his safety and return to his family every day.




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