Did the Judge know what was going on???

My son and I truly believe that the judge did not know the travesties that took place since the onset of this case. We have to believe that or all hope is gone with our judicial system.

I cannot believe that the judge knew that the witness had dramatically changed her story from a victim who could not recognize anyone to a victim that was 100%, 3 years later.

I cannot believe that the judge knew that the deputy at the scene changed his testimony on trial. The original incident report shows him saying, in his own words that the victim said that she would not be able to identify the suspect.

It cannot be possible that the judge allowed the jurors to discuss the case outside the jury room. Yet, I have a text message from our attorney that says, “the judge said that the deputies are talking and that my son should take the plea”. Isn’t this jury’s misconduct at best?

I know she could not have known that the prosecutor contacted me.(Something that is never done)

I do not believe that the judge knew any of this because I read in another case that, court records show that this judge lectured the Orlando Police Sergeant, and had concerns about possible perjury.

The transcript shows the judge then said “If, in fact, he wants to play semantic games like he does, presumably, perhaps sometimes in his life, that’s fine, but not with me and not in this courtroom. That’s not how we do justice. If, in fact, that was just perjury, I will follow through with that and he will be looking at a felony because he will not be doing that in this courtroom.

The detective on my son’s case was playing semantics. She was asked if she took my son on a ride along. She said no. But she did drive him in her car.

I wish I could have told the judge all of this when I had the chance……..

From Transcript:

Q Detective, there’s actually — hi again.

A Hello.

Q Ridealong is actually a term of art, right? Whats

a ridealong?

A A ridealong would be, I guess, someone signing a

waiver and coming along to ride with us while we do our

duties on the job.

Q Right. And you do that with prosecutors sometimes

or does your agency —

A Possibly. I have never seen it.

Q But that would be something different than driving

with a victim or a witness, right? That is not a ridealong?

A No, not in that sense from what I’m interpreting it


Q Okay. And you had testified previously that you —

MR. XXXXXXXXXX: Actually, one moment, Your Honor?

Actually, I have no further questions, Judge.

For whatever reason, he stopped questioning her. Then the prosecutor re-questioned her.


BY MR. xxxxx:

Q Did you ever have the defendant sit in your

vehicle, transport him around the A…… Apartment complex for

any purpose whatsoever?

A Not that I recall, no.

Q Thank you.

MR. xxxxx: No other questions.

She lied. All our defense attorney had to do was read the reports and call her out but he did not. This would have discredited her.

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