Please Help Me. I am scared.

Someone please help me. I do not know what to do. My son’s case is still in the appeal stage. This is like a bad dream. I do not know how else to help him. I do not know if it would be best to go public.l I do not know how to get organizations involved. I am so scared to do the wrong thing; yet, I am scared of not doing enough.

I do not know who to trust. We had trusted our defense attorneys and they did not even investigate the case. Our first attorney was recommended by a bail bondsmen which is against the law in the state of Florida. She had me deposit money in the bank, yet I never received a receipt. She was a rogue attorney who was not seeking justice. She was only seeking to make money.

I cannot understand it.

The victim like my son was manipulated by the police. If only she would come forward and tell the truth. How can she live with herself?

On her 911 tape, the victim said that she could not identify the suspect. She said that the suspect was wearing a bandana covering his face.

She said that she could only see his eyes. By the time we got to trial. She said she could see the top of the suspect’s lip and part of his hairline. She said that the nose looked familiar. Really????

Who wears a mask that doesn’t cover his face???

The detective said that my son’s cell phone was not being used in the area during the time of the attempted robbery.

My son initiated this when he called the police when he was robbed at gunpoint.

This is how he became a suspect.

Our attorney did not bother to play the 911 tape; nor did he question the detective about my son’s phone records.

The state had a picture of the guns used in the attempted robbery taken from the cell phone of the guys that robbed my son. Our attorney should have objected. They were never in possession of the actual gun.

He did not object to anything. Nothing was preserved for appeal. Yet we have some valid claims on appeal now. I just hope that it is enough to win a new trial. If someone knows what other avenues I can take, please let me know. My son is innocent of this crime and does not deserve to be in prison. Anyone interested in reading this story needs to scroll down to the very first post and read upward. Thank you.

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