Actual photo of guns shown to victim and jurors

The link is the actual evidence shown to the victim and later to the jurors. This was taken from the cell phone of the guys that robbed my son. Their cell phone. There were pictures on their cell phone of other guns. There were also pictures of bags of money and weed, imagine that. The link below are the guns identified as the one stolen from my son. By the way, the police was never in possession of the gun, only a picture. Our attorney did nothing at trial to suppress the photo or to let the jurors know where the picture came from. Please click on link and see why the jurors were asking their questions.
photo of evidence at trial

Next post. The amazing question from jurors. The question to the heart of the case. The question that went unanswered. The question that will be answered in my next post. Thank you.

New Followers, please remember to scroll down to the beginning of this blog and read upward. This will allow you to understand what transpired from the very beginning.

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