Next juror’s question answered

This is the next question.


THE COURT: Date the video was made.

MR. Prosecutor:  I’m sorry?

MR. Prosecutor:  I think it came out in evidence.

Our Attorney: I think — I mean, candidly, Judge,

I think that I would prefer to respond, you’re to rely

on your recollection. I don’t think — they can have a

read back, maybe. I don’t –

THE COURT: Well, would it say it on the video?

MR. Prosecutor: No, it does not.

THE COURT: How do you want me to handle this, Attorney?

MR. Prosecutor:  Read back would –

Our Attorney:  Yeah. What do you think? Just

agree — we can tell them — I can call him right now.

THE COURT: I’m sorry?

Our Attorney:  It did come into evidence, Judge.

So we may as well tell them rather than — we can tell

then. I’m fine with that.

THE COURT: Do you agree on when it was made?

Our Attorney:  There’s going to be an agreement,



Our Attorney:  The video was when?

MR. Prosecutor:  June 7th.

THE COURT: June 7th?

Our Attorney:  June 17th.

THE COURT: June 17, 2011. And it’s agreed that I

tell them that?

MR. Prosecutor:  Yes, Your Honor.

THE COURT: June 17, 2011.


I am assuming that the reason the jurors asked this question is because of the discrepancy in dates. The video transcript has the date as 7/12/2014, yet the date the video took place was on 6/17/2014.

Also it was the same detective that signed off on the accuracy of the transcript. In other words, she did the interrogation of my son and then signed off on the accuracy.

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