Fast-Forward through the trial to get to the juror’s questions

I am going to fast -forward through to the end of the trial.

After our attorney did not cross examine the police officer, I was called to the stand to testify about my son’s character and mental health. The renowned doctor was called and then my son was called to the stand. Something that I wished he had not done. Something that he did not want to do but was advised to do so by our attorney.

Of course our attorney did not ask  appropriate questions and of course the prosecutor stepped over boundaries without objection from our attorney.

Upon questioning,  our attorney did not ask my son about his accomplishments. He didn’t ask questions so that my son could say that he was 3 classes from a bachelor’s degree. He did not ask my son what he was doing during the time of the attempted robbery He did not bring into evidence the fact that my son had just received a living stipend check for over $7000. Our attorney did absolutely nothing. So why did he want my son to testify. I guess so that the prosecutor could trip him up.

Ironically, at the end of it all, the jurors did not come back with the speedy guilty everyone was looking for. Instead they deliberated several hours and came out back with questions. Questions that even surprised the prosecutor. Questions that went unanswered. Those questions a are forth coming on my next post. The questions that everyone one wants to know….



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