A Justice System Void of Integrity

Please do not allow my son to be incarcerated 12 years in prison to later find out that he was wrongly convicted. The time for justice is now while he is still young. The time for justice is now when he is only 23 years old. He still has a chance to lead a productive life.

Prosecutors should not be allowed to manipulate victims, evidence and suspect to get the results they want. They are playing with people’s lives. they are abusing the justice system.

Evidence was ignored that could have acquitted my son.

Evidence like the police detective stating on the incident report that my son’s cell phone was not used in the area of the robberies. I bet if it had been used, that evidence would have been brought to light.

Evidence from the 911 call when the victim stated that she would be unable  to identify the assailant.

Evidence from the 911 call that said the perpetrator was left-handed. One of the assailants that robbed my son was left-handed.

Evidence that showed the victim could not identify the perpetrator from a photo. They gave her another photo lineup and went over the facial features. How do you go over facial features when the perpetrator was wearing a mask. Now she says that she is 60% sure. Three years later at trial she is 100% sure it was my son.

In the police report, the victim said that she could only see the eyes. She said that she could not see the hairline. The assailant was wearing a hoodie.

At trial, she said the mask was covering part of the mouth. She could see part of the mouth. She said that she could see the hairline.

What kind of mask does a perpetrator wear that only covers part of the mouth and a hoodie so far back that you could see the hairline?

Can someone get a visual of this?

Let’s try.

We have a right-handed assailant holding a gun in his left hand while trying to keep his hoodie from falling backwards and talking with his lips partly covered by a mask.

Even a five year old playing cops and robbers know to cover their nose.

Do I blame the victim?

No. She was manipulated by the detective.

She was victimized twice. First by the perpetrator and then by the detective.

She sold her civil rights and gave her civil wrongs to the detective and prosecutor.

More Evidence ignored.

Evidence showing that my son did not live in the area of the robberies but the men that robbed him did live in that area.

Evidence that a bandana and ammunition was found under of one of the men’s bed that robbed my son.

Everyone wants to know why none of this came out before or after the trial. What was our attorneys doing?

Are they too afraid of the prosecutor?

Or are they working with the prosecutor on the cases they want to go to trial and the ones hey could care nothing about.

After all, the attorney has already been paid. So he get paid and buddies up with the prosecutor.

A win-win situation.

For the defense attorney but not for his client.

I know everyone is still waiting to know what happened at trial.

I am still awaiting word that it is okay to continue posting about the trial.

For my new followers, it is important that you start this blog from the very 1st post titled

Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.

Eleanor Roosevelt

and read upward. Then you will be up to date.



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