Another sleepless night

I can’t sleep. I can’t think. I am numb. I want so much to understand what went wrong. I want to understand how or why a prosecutor would over a 20 year young man 13 mandatory years in prison. A young man who had no criminal history, no violence, an A/B honor roll student. A prior Boy Scout, soccer player and musician. A young man in college pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. How do you offer such a 13 year plea to a young man and think it is the deal of the century? How is it possible? Where is the justice in that?

What is he going to learn in prison? What was the real purpose behind this plea13 year deal that we would not take? These institutions create crime rather than prevent it. Why would a prosecutor want to offer such an absurd plea to a young man, a young man classified as a first offender.

I cannot help but wonder if the plea offer would have been different if my son wasn’t black.. The case might have even been dismissed.

This system of racial profiling and using  mandatory minimum sentencing as a one-size-fits-all solution is the new form of genocide. You do not have to kill people to create genocide. Just get them in jail and out of society. The U.S. incarcerate more people that anywhere else in the world. Doesn’t that tell you something

It must stop. Something must be done.

One thought on “Another sleepless night

  1. You ask why? And is it because he is black? The answer to that is yes Why? For profit It is too long to explain in a reply but I often write about it. It is extended slavery. That is why are 6x more blacks than whites in prison. The corporations than own the prisons have 20 year contracts with a promise they will be kept full. Also, they (the 1%) don’t want educated blacks. They don’t care what your son has accomplished.

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