My Blog Caught the Attention of a Prominent Attorney

My blog caught the attention of a prominent attorney. She contacted me and suggested that we meet. After 3 hours of talking and looking at my boxes of vast files, she was won over.  She wants to help. She asked me to not go forward with my blog. Therefore at this time, I am unable to tell you what happened at trial.

It is so hard for me to not continue with my story but I must follow her advice.

My dear followers, I am so sorry to stop mid-stream. I really wanted to bring you to the present day and then blog daily as events occur.

At present, my son is in the appeal stage awaiting our present attorney to file the initial brief. He has postponed the initial brief twice thus far. That is all I am going to say about it at this time.

I will continue to blog about an injustice judicial system and how it has emotionally and financially affected my families and friends.

My mother has done another video and I will do one also. It is important that I get the word out and keep my followers. I know everyone is anxious to know what happened at trial. What I will say is that the jurors had 4 questions that went unanswered. When I am able to post about everything again, I will fill everyone one. Hopefully, by then we will have an answer on the appeal.

If I can help one person to not go through what we have gone through, then something would have been accomplished.

Thank you again for following my blog……


/’Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…

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