A few days before the trial of 11/20/2013

We arrived in Florida on Wednesday, November 13,2013. We were told that the trial was to be that Monday, November 18,2013. On November 14, 2013 we went to the chosen attorney’s office to discuss the upcoming trial.

Remember there were 2 victims, a woman and a man. The man had said repeatedly that he was not interested in the case. He never showed up for anything. He said that he couldn’t identify anyone. He showed no interest in the case. At the first trial that never took place, the prosecutor said that they were flying the man in from Chicago. The prosecutor tried to convince my son that both victims were coming and that he should take the 13 year plea. My son still did not take the plea. I asked our previous attorney(the African-American goddess) if she had called the man to verify that he was coming. I mean after all she was the attorney. She said had not talked with him. If you remember from my previous posts, that trial never took place because of my son’s emotional state.

Well, this was like a repeat performance but by our chosen attorney. It is important that you understand that the 2 cases had been consolidated for over 2 years. My son was suppose to go trial for both cases. This was fine with us because we knew there was a big connection between the 2 cases which was good for the defense.

Well our chosen attorney did not think so. As we had arrived a few days before the trial, we immediately went to his office. He, like the first attorney said that they were going to fly in the male victim from Chicago. I told him that they had said that for the first trial(that didn’t take place). I told him that the prosecution was bluffing. I then asked him if he called any of the victims. He told me that he had not called them(just like our first attorney) because he did not have their phone numbers. This totally shocked me. A few days before the trial and he hadn’t tried to contact the victims.

Well, I was prepared this time. I said, “I have their numbers. Call them. Call them now”. He first called the lady victim in our presence, however, he did not have her on speaker phone so I could not hear her end of the conversation. He said that she told him that she would like to speak with the prosecutor before speaking with him. He never spoke to her again not even before the trial.

Now here comes the interesting part. The chosen attorney then called the male victim. Again, I could not hear the conversation. He said the male victim told him that he would talk to him later. I later suspected that the young man told him that he was not interested in the case. Later  that evening, he told us that the young man was NOT going to becoming to the trial. I thought that this was great news.

You will not believe what the chosen attorney did next. On Friday, November 15, 2014, he severed the 2 cases. In other words, my son was too only be tried for the female victim. One would think this was good but it wasn’t a good plan and I knew it. I knew something was amidst.

The cases has been together for almost 3 years. We knew that the male was not interested in the case. We also knew that the  said detective had discussed the 2nd case with the female victim. She had also discussed the case with the 2 guys that robbed my son. She discussed the attempted robberies with my son also. This was also part of our defense. The fact that she was manipulating the victims and witnesses. This one detective handling 6 correlated cases. She said that she did not talk about her cases but her sworn depositions says otherwise.

Well, against our wishes, our chosen attorney severed the two cases. He severed the 2 cases knowing that the male victim would not be at trial. He severed the 2 cases knowing that part of the video would now have to be removed as to not link the male victim. The male said that he could not identify anyone from the photo lineup. He was shown the same photo lineup as the female. However, remember he wasn’t given a second lineup. The first was good enough for him but not for the female.The jurors should have also been allowed to see the entire video tape. The jurors should have known that the same one detective was handling 6 correlated cases. She was the detective for the 2 victims. She was the detective for the 2 guys that robbed my son at gun point. She was my son’s detective when he was a victim. She was the detective when he was a suspect.  She did all interviews, video tape and interrogations. What a busy, busy young lady. Oh, she had only been a detective for a little over a year at the time. A little over zealous?? I think so.

The male victim was not coming to the trial.  A blessing to the defense. Our chose attorney told us he was not coming. Yet he still severed the 2 cases.

Severing the cases only benefitted the prosecution. By severing the 2 cases, my son would still have charges pending against him. I told the chosen attorney that the prosecutor was going to hold the case over my son’s head. A nonexistent case. A case where the male victim said that he could not identify the assailant. A case where the male victim said he was not interested in the case. A case where there was no evidence. A case where the male victim was not going to be there.

The prosecutor got what he wanted. I truly believe that our attorneys and prosecutors were working together. I believe that they were annoyed that the plea was not taken. They were annoyed that they were force to go to trial and they had a point to prove.  This trial was going to be mine and my son’s punishments. Our attorneys had their own agenda. Of this I am sure. The prosecutors runn the judicial system in Florida. Even the attorney bow down to them.

We were told the trial was to be on 11/18/2013. Then we were told 11/20/2013. What was  really going on? The following is from the register of actions. On 10/22/2013, our attorney asked for a continuance for the trial. He wasn’t prepared. The continuance wasn’t granted. I do not even see where a pre-trial or case management  conference was scheduled. I guess the case wasn’t important enough for that.

Our chosen attorney severed the cases on 11/15/2013. Everything I said about the prosecutor holding it over my son’s head came to pass. Everything.

From Court’s Register of Actions


Motion In Limine


Motion to Sever



Defendant’s Reciprocal Discovery

With Attached Transcript


Motion for Continuance

You will soon see what was to happen at trial and what wonderful questions the jurors asked. Questions that were not to be answered. I have those answers and I hope one of those jurors is reading this blog. They deserve answers to their questions.

To be continued….

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