My son had a breakdown

After the car catastrophe, my son had a nervous breakdown. Once again, he was suffering from PTSD. He felt that everything was his fault. He felt that the wreck would not have happened if we hadn’t driven to Florida. The near fatal accident really affected him. He knew that every extra cent we had went toward his defense. Some days there wasn’t enough to eat and our utility bills were always a day short from being turned off. He felt it was all his fault.

One day he said that he wanted to go to trial. He wanted this nightmare to be over. He talked to the chosen attorney and he agreed.

This was such a mistake. For starters, the criminal defense doctor never reevaluated my son giving him a clean, mental bill of health. The last time he saw my son, he said that he was incompetent to stand trial. Shouldn’t another evaluation been done?

Rather another hearing was held in which we were not informed and the judge ruled that my son was competent to stand trial.

Things started moving quickly that I thought that we were on a roller coaster. The time for trial was soon approaching. This was the second beginning of the end…

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