The chosen attorney did not do his job.

Once again, I would like to thank my followers for continuing to read my blog. As I mentioned in previous posts, it is important to scroll down to my first post and read upward. I am trying to get to the present day. We are almost there. Thank you again.

The chosen attorney had all the ammunition needed to zealously represent my son. All he had to do was read everything and see what else was missing.

Rather, the attorney’s strategy was to continue with the renowned psychiatrist that I had previously mentioned. This well-known respected doctor had found my son incompetent to stand trial at that time.

As I am hoping that my son will get a new trial, I am not sure how much I should say about his emotional state. He was, however hospitalized on a couple of occasions.

What I will say is while the doctor said that my son was incompetent to stand trial, the prosecutor had a doctor that of course said the opposite.

From August 2012 until October 2013, the concentration was on Charles’ competency. The chosen attorney did not do anything else with the case. I had thought that he was investigating the case and talking to the victim and witnesses. He did not even try to contact the victim until a couple of days before the trial.

What did the firm’s website say,No case is too tough for us. We are former prosecutors and former public defenders with extensive trial experience. We know how to review and craft a case for a judge or a jury and we know how to get results! Put our experience to work for you. We are passionate about protecting your rights and achieving the best possible outcome for your criminal charge’.

When I recently learned how to go on the court’s register of actions, I saw all of these hearings on competency. It appears that some took place, some were cancelled and some were continued. Every court date that our chosen attorney emailed and told us to attend , we attended. I now do not understand why there are so many continuances. I am posting part of the register of actions for my followers to see for themselves. There are hearings that took place that we were not aware of. There were continuances that we knew nothing about. Lastly, there was a hearing that we came to Florida for and was called at the hotel by the chosen attorney and told not to come to court. Thank God for hotel records. I will discuss that hearing in my next post. You will not believe it. When I think about how I believed in this attorney, it makes me cry. It makes me ashamed. It makes me angry.


10/07/2013 Order

On Competency and Notice
09/25/2013 Competency Hearing  (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer ———-)
09/10/2013 Notice of Hearing
08/21/2013 Notice of Hearing
08/19/2013 CANCELED   Competency Hearing  (11:00 AM) (Judicial Officer———-)

08/15/2013 Notice of Cancellation
07/31/2013 Notice of Hearing
07/09/2013 Competency Hearing  (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer ————–)
06/17/2013 Notice of Hearing
05/09/2013 Psychiatric/Psychological Evaluation
05/09/2013 Psychiatric/Psychological Evaluation
05/09/2013 Psychiatric/Psychological Evaluation
05/09/2013 Psychiatric/Psychological Evaluation
05/08/2013 Competency Hearing  (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer —————)
05/08/2013 Court Minutes
05/03/2013 Psychiatric/Psychological Evaluation
05/02/2013 Status Hearing  (8:00 AM) (Judicial Officer—————)

Added because of a Courtroom Walk In
Parties Present

Result: Hearing Held

05/02/2013 Court Minutes

The defendant must be present at the competency status hearing.
04/30/2013 Status Hearing  (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer —————–)

04/19/2013 Hearing  (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer——————–)

04/19/2013 Court Minutes

04/03/2013 Competency Hearing  (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer ——————-)

04/03/2013 Court Minutes
02/26/2013 Competency Hearing  (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer ——————-)

02/26/2013 Court Minutes

Reset Competency Hrg
01/25/2013 Competency Hearing  (11:00 AM) (Judicial Officer ——————–)
01/25/2013 Order Appointing Experts to Determine Competency/Sanity

at the Time of Offense
01/25/2013 Notice of Filing
01/25/2013 Court Minutes

Competency Status
01/22/2013 Notice of Filing

/ 4 pages – Order Appointing Expert(s) for Competency Evaluations and Sanity at the Time of Offense
12/19/2012 Notice of Filing
12/19/2012 Psychiatric/Mental Health Evaluation and Counseling
12/14/2012 Competency Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer ——————-)
12/14/2012 Court Minutes

Competency Hearing
12/03/2012 Status Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer ————-)
12/03/2012 Court Minutes

Competency Status
10/29/2012 Status Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer ——————-)

10/29/2012 Court Minutes
09/28/2012 Hearing  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer—————)

Competency to Proceed
09/27/2012 Status Hearing  (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer ————–)

09/27/2012 Court Minutes

Competency Status
09/10/2012 Order Appointing Expert(s) FRCRP 3.210(B)

for Both competency and Sanity Evaluation and Notice of Hearing
08/30/2012 Notice of Hearing


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