The Chosen Attorney – You Get What You Pay For

The chosen attorney was personable, engaging and appeared to be an all around nice, concerned, caring individual. It later turned out to be a façade.

The chosen attorney was retained in August 2013. As I had collected everything from the beautiful lady attorney, I gave him everything I had. Of course, I keep everything in triplicate and on a cd.

The box of files that I gave him had all the depositions, incident and police reports, interviews, 911 call,  and emails. I had also highlighted where the police reports differentiated from the depositions. I highlighted every discrepancy I could and there were many.

I did all of this to make it a little easier for him. I figured that it was a lot a information and I just wanted to help the process. Maybe that was my mistake.  I expected him to further look for the things that only an attorney would know. I never imagined that he would not add anything new to the case. I never expected that he wouldn’t further investigate. I never expected that he would not put in any motions or suppressions. I figured that I did my part; he only had to do his job.

One thing I should make note of is that he charged a 1/3 less than the Board Certified Attorney and half less than the lady attorney. He also threw in a misdemeanor case that later came up (which he also botched).

I guess I should have remembered the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’.

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