Our Board Certified Criminal Attorney…

After we removed the beauty queen attorney, we retained a Board Certified Criminal Attorney. He was family to the judge and friends with the prosecutor. A great combination. Almost too good to be true. As previously mentioned, he was paid in full by a member of our Catholic Community. I thought all would be well. Well it wasn’t.

He procured a well- known psychiatrist, respected in the community and respected by the judge to evaluate my son. The doctor found that my son was incompetent to stand trial. It wasn’t exactly the rout I thought we would be taking but he was the professional.

In any event, there was a conflict of interest with a partner in his firm and the attorney withdrew from the case. He felt that if there was a conflict with a member of his firm, it would be best if his firm did not represent my son.

Now I want to believe that it was this conflict of interest that changed everything, but of late, people have been suggesting that there must be more to it than that. There must be another reason why he withdrew from the case.

At this time, I am going to reserve judgment. I am also not going to go into the conflict of interest, as our present appeal attorney is a former firm partner of the said attorney.

The Board Certified Criminal Attorney was gracious enough to return almost his entire fee and I should have sought help from my family and friends. Rather, I decided to look for an attorney online i.e. AVVO, Lawyer Referral Services, advertisements. or any site that referred lawyers. A big mistake. A really big mistake.

Please read the earlier posts. It  best to read the earlier posts from the beginning. It is quite a story and I am telling it chronologically to get to present day. A special thank you to my followers.

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