Trial Postponed – Attorney withdrawn from Representation

New Followers, please note that you must read this blog from the beginning to fully appreciate what the story is all about. The first blog dated June 18, 2014 started with a quote, ” Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both. Eleanor Roosevelt”.


My son did not go to trial after his nervous breakdown. Our attorney put in a Motion for Psychiatric Exam to Determine Competency to Stand Trial. After 72 hours, my son was released from the psych unit with further psychiatrist instructions I then realized that I was over my head. I then realized that I needed support. I went to members of our Catholic Community. When I told them what was happening, they could not believe that I had been fighting this fight single-handedly.

The first thing that they told me was to get rid of our attorney.  They wanted me to sue the attorney which I didn’t do. They made some calls and I was referred to another attorney in Florida. A renowned Board-Certified attorney. This well-known attorney was family to the judge and friends of the prosecutor. Who could ask for anything more?? They put up $15000 toward legal fees and paid the $5000 title-pawn that I had placed on my vehicle. I finally was able to breath a little easier. I thought all was going to be well. Until something happened that cause us to lose this attorney.

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