The Prosecutor called me and then became angry and vindictive.

I never understood why our attorney arranged for the prosecutor to call me.She already knew that my son was not going to take the 13 years plea. I never understood why the attorney was in such a hurry for the prosecutor and I too speak. At the time, my son was still in college in Florida while I was in Alabama. I cannot imagine what the attorney could have been telling the prosecutor to make the prosecutor agree to talking with the defendant’s mother. I now imagine it must have been something horrendous. She also did not think to tell the prosecutor that my son was bipolar.  I do not even know if that is legal or ethical. I just couldn’t understand what possible motive our attorney could have in initiating this conversation. In fact, if I remember correctly, the attorney was not on the line with us. She was having some kind of problem with setting up the teleconference. She did not say anything the entire time. Rather she called me back after the call. Well, when the prosecutor got through to me, she first introduced herself. She then proceeded to talk to me about my son’s case. She said that my son should take the 13 years because if he goes to trial and lose the judge could give him 65 years. She was trying her best to intimidate me. I politely told the prosecutor that my son was not interested in the plea. I told her that we had already expressed that to the attorney. I am not a loud, boisterous person and I do not curse. Anyone that knows me can attest to that. I was being polite and cordial. She then got angry and told me that my son was out on bail while the young men that robbed him was in jail. I replied that I am sorry that they were unable to be bonded out but I felt I needed to bond out my child. She replied that they were going to testify against my son and say that he admitted to them that he committed the crimes. I told him that I wouldn’t expect anything less from them because my son had them arrested. At the time, I did not know that she was bluffing. After reading the interviews between the police detective and the 2 suspects, I learned that they had not said anything of the sort. They had not plan on testifying against my son. Even under arrest, the detective couldn’t make them say what they didn’t know. The prosecutor then accused me of implying that she was naïve. I was in total shock. I never implied anything.  She also said that when the jury heard the 911 tape and the baby crying in the background, they would be sympathetic to the victim. I have the original copy of the 911 tape. (At the time, I did not have the 911 tape) There isn’t a baby crying In the background. In fact, the person that made the call for the victim sounded under the influence of something and was unsure of the address. When the actual victim got on the phone, she sounded like she was unsure of giving her name. Not to mention that she said that she would be unable to identify the perpetrator. In fact, from what I could hear, they met the police downstairs rather than have the police go upstairs to their apartment. She was suppose to be visiting her boyfriend but he wasn’t the one to make the call. (I will find out if I am legally allowed the attach the 911 call on my blog). At the end of our conversation, the prosecutor said to, “Next time I speak to you, it will be through your attorney”. For the first time, I actually wanted to curse. I wanted to say, “Bit##, I didn’t call you. Instead I said, ‘Mam, I am sorry if I offended you in anyway but my son is not going to take the plea”. She hung up. I do not know what the purpose of the call was for. I couldn’t understand why my attorney would subject me to such a call. Was it that she thought that the aggressive prosecutor would convince me? I got the impression that the prosecutor is use to getting her own way. I also got the impression that the attorney and she were working together. Why would our attorney not fight for a dismissal or at worst a plea that would not entail a first time offender jail time? Why not plea for probation? Not that my son would agree to it but anything would have been better than offering 13 years. What kind of offer is that? Lastly, after getting the official transcript and depositions from the court reporting services, I noticed my handwriting on depositions. It appeared that someone had put my copy of the deposition with the official transcript. My copy had my notes and highlights on it with some of the discrepancies I found in the case. I wondered how this was possible. A good friend felt that the attorney was sharing my strategic thoughts with the prosecutor. Why would she do this if not to sabotage the case? Why??

5 thoughts on “The Prosecutor called me and then became angry and vindictive.

  1. I blog quite often and I truly appreciate your information. Your article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new information about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.


  2. Was the attorney a public defender? My grandsons father went through the same thing. It was before I got involved. They scared him into taking a 17 year please. His public defender told him he could get up to 99 years if he didn’t take it. PDs work for the district attorney and get paid a couple hundred for each plea deal. He’s been inside for ten years now. The south -especially Florida is really bad


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